Calculating Your Take Home Pay at Orange Genie Umbrella

Because we’re your employer you can rest assured that all your tax liabilities have been covered. Below is an explanation of how we calculate your pay from the amount we receive.

How Orange Genie Umbrella pay you

We believe that communication is fundamental to a strong relationship with our employees, so when it’s time to pay you we’ll email or text you early in the day to let you know we’ll be making payment that day. We’ll do the same again once we’ve made the payment to let you know exactly how much your take home pay is and when it will be in your bank. At the same time we’ll email you two documents – the Payment Calculation and the Payslip.

What does your payment calculation show?

Our income - We charge the agency or client for your work at the rate you agreed with them. This is our income from the work you complete as our employee.The payment calculation shows how we calculate your gross pay from the income we receive.

  • We make a profit and cover our costs – we make our profit margin and cover the costs of employing you. These employment costs include employer’s National Insurance, Apprenticeship Levy, holiday pay and a contribution to your workplace pension.
    We also add the cost of any business expenses we may be reimbursing you for along with your pay. 
  • Your income – the balance is your gross pay for the work you’ve carried out. This is paid to you as:
    • The National Minimum or Living Wage for the hours you’ve worked.
    • Profit share.


What does your payslip show?

The payslip shows how we calculate your take home pay from the taxable amount.

  • Your taxable earnings – The central column shows your earnings before tax. This will include the pay figure from the Pay Calculation and any other earnings, for example if you’ve requested your holiday pay it will also appear here. You can find your total taxable pay at the bottom of the earnings column.
  • Deductions – The right hand column shows any deductions we need to make from your taxable pay. These will include PAYE (income tax) and NIC (employee national insurance) and they may include other things, for example if we have to make a student loan deduction it will appear here.
  • Your take home pay – The balance is your net pay, which can be seen in the bottom right corner of your payslip, beneath the deductions column. If we're reimbursing tax free business expenses you’ll see them being added here as well.

If you have any questions about umbrella pay or how Orange Genie can help you please contact our expert team on 01296 468483  or email

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