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Your Contract of Employment

What is my employment status?

You will be employed by Orange Genie. This means you have the rights, protections and benefits afforded to all employees by UK law. These include statutory payments like sick pay and maternity/paternity pay, access to a workplace pension scheme and holiday pay.

So the agency/client is not my employer?

The end client or agency have made the decision to outsource the engagement and employment of contractors to us as a service provider to the recruitment industry. We take on the employment risk, cost and administration of managing temporary workers so they can concentrate on their core business of finding the right roles for their contractors. Take a look at our guide to the contractual relationships between all the parties (the supply chain).

Why do I need to sign a contract of employment?

Your contract of employment (COE) is the legal foundation of your relationship with us. Without it you would not be employed and you wouldn’t have any employment rights. We will need to have a signed COE in place before we can invoice your agency or client, or make any payments to you.

A contract requires obligations on both sides. Our COE sets out our obligations as an employer, and yours as an employee. For example, you promise to complete work for our customers (the agencies or clients you work for during your employment with us) and we promise to pay you for that work. You promise to inform us when you’re unwell and we promise to pay you statutory sick pay etc.

As we will be your permanent employer, there are several clauses in our COE that establish and reinforce this mutuality of obligation, and our relationship with you as employer/employee. 

What is an “overarching contract of employment”?

“Overarching contract” simply means that you have a single COE for your entire time with us, during which you may work on a succession of assignments for a number of different agencies or clients. One of the benefits of umbrella employment is that it gives you one single employment for all your assignments, so you only have one employer, one tax code and one continuous period of employment even if you work for many different agencies and clients. This makes it easier to obtain references and access credit. It also means you keep your employment rights, including entitlement to SSP and SMP/SPP, even when you’re between assignments.

Why does the contract give my pay rate as National Minimum Wage?

You have a single COE for your whole time with us. During that time you may complete several assignments and the pay rate for each one could be different. This makes it impossible to include your actual pay rate in this overarching contract.

Instead, the COE states that you will be paid the applicable National Minimum Wage, plus a discretionary bonus. The bonus will be the difference between NMW and your gross pay. For a more detailed explanation of how we calculate your pay, please refer to How Your Pay is Calculated.

Is this a “zero hours” contract?

Your contract of employment with Orange Genie is not a zero hours contract. As your employer we promise to pay you for at least 336 hours per year, as long as you keep us informed as to your availability and your efforts to source a suitable client assignment, as per sections 1.2.8 and 1.2.9 of the COE.

If you have any questions about your contract of employment, or if we can help in any way, please contact our expert team on 01296 468 483 or email us at

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