Workplace Pensions

What is a workplace pension scheme?

Sometimes called an occupational or company pension, a workplace pension scheme is a way of saving money for retirement that is arranged by your employer. A percentage of your pay is put into the pension scheme automatically each time you’re paid. Your employer may also contribute to the scheme, and you may get tax relief from the government as well.

Detailed information about workplace pension schemes can be found on HMRC’s website.

Will I have access to a workplace pension scheme?

All UK employers are required to enrol all qualifying workers into a workplace pension scheme.

Accordingly, once you’ve been working for Orange Genie for 3 months, you will be enrolled into our scheme if you:

  • Are aged between 22 and state pension age.
  • You earn £10,000/year or more.  

The first time we pay you after the 3 month postpone period has expired, you’ll be enrolled into the scheme. Our chosen pension provider True Potential will send you full details of the scheme once you’ve been enrolled.

If you’d like to join the scheme before the 3 months postpone period ends, please let us know as soon as possible once your registration with Orange Genie is complete and we’ll arrange this for you.

How much will I pay into my workplace pension?

Employee Contribution

Employer contribution

4% of qualifying earnings. Set to rise to 4% by April 2019.

3% of qualifying earnings. Set to rise to 3% by April 2019.


Once you’re enrolled you’ll see the employee’s (your) contribution in the deductions column of your payslip. The employer’s (our) contribution will appear on the payment calculation as one of our costs.

Who will be my workplace pension provider?

We’ve chosen Options to provide a workplace pension for Orange Genie contractors. The fund is managed by TAM Asset Management. Once you’re enrolled they will send you full details of the scheme.If you have questions about pensions auto-enrolment, or if Orange Genie can help in any way, please call our expert team on 01296 468 483 or email

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