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Orange Genie Umbrella - FAQs

Below are some of the most common questions we're asked by new and existing contractors. If you have a specific question that hasn’t been covered here, please either drop us an email or request a call back and we will be happy to answer it. 

How much will I earn? During our registration process we will provide you with a specific pay calculation. Your pay calculation will be based on your individual circumstances, based on your pay rate, number of days working and likely expenses.
When will I get paid? Exactly when you're paid will depend on the agency you're working through. In the vast majority of cases, you’ll be paid on the same day each week or month. When it’s time to pay you, we’ll email or text you that morning to let you know we’ll be paying you, and again in the afternoon to confirm the amount you'll be paid. You can see details of how your pay is calculated here.
How much do you charge me? We make a profit margin on providing your services to your agency, typically a small percentage of the income we receive for each week or month that you work. The exact margin will depend on the agency you're working through. For a personal illustration of what you could earn, contact our best advice team on 01296 468483.
How does an Umbrella Company work? As a contractor, you’re employed by the umbrella company to work on a series of assignments at temporary workplaces. The umbrella company has a contract in place to provide services to the agency - as an employee of the umbrella company, you carry out these services for the client. The umbrella company will charge the agency and pay you for the work you have completed. 
What is the benefit of being with an Umbrella Company? As an employee of an umbrella company, you benefit from continuous employment rights. These include sick pay, holiday pay, paternity/maternity pay, continuous employment, references, a pension, relocation and training expenses, timely payments you can rely on, childcare vouchers and more.
Why does my agency use an Umbrella Company? There are many risks and obligations associated with the use of temporary workers for an agency. A fully compliant umbrella company will manage these commercial, employment, taxation and statutory risks. Recruitment agencies outsource these to specialist umbrella companies so that they can focus on what they do best - recruitment! 
What is my employment status? Am I self-employed? Once you have signed your contract of employment with an umbrella company and started work on your first assignment, you become an employee of that company. You will not have a direct employment relationship with either your agency or your end client. 
As an employee of Orange Genie Umbrella, what expenses can I claim for?
Your eligibility to claim expenses will be assessed at the start of each assignment. Typical business expenses include:
• Business mileage for travel to and from a genuine temporary workplace
• Work-related training costs
• Relocation costs
• General office expenses including stationery costs 
These expenses may be reimbursable by us, or you may be able to receive tax relief directly from HMRC – depending on your circumstances.
Business expenses do not include:
• Ordinary commuting
• A private/personal expense
• Travel to a permanent workplace / home-to-work travel


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