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Contractor Portal

At Orange Genie we want to make the lives of contractors as easy as possible, and our contractor portal is an important part of that. It was originally designed to be as simple as possible to use and since then we’ve used feedback from our contractor employees to make it even more user friendly.

Register online

When you register with Orange Genie you’ll use the contractor portal to enter your details online. There’s no need to email or post your documents to us, you can simply upload them directly from your PC, tablet or smartphone. You can even accept your contract of employment on the portal, so there’s no need to print and sign it.

Submit timesheets and expenses

If you have timesheets or expenses to submit you’ll use the contractor portal. Again there’s no need to email or post your supporting receipts, just upload them when you submit your claim and we’ll have everything we need to approve your claim. Likewise with timesheets, just submit the details online and our invoice will be sent to the agency later that day.

Manage your holiday pay

You can review your accrued holiday pay, see when you’ve taken holiday and even request payment, using the Holiday page.

Update your personal details

If you’ve moved house, opened a new bank account or changed your phone number or email address, you can update your details instantly using the My Details page. You’ll also find documents like your contract of employment and P60 available for download on this page.

Access information

The Downloads page contains links to a wealth of information about your employment with Orange Genie. Download detailed guides covering sick pay, maternity/paternity pay, our expenses policy and much, much more.

 In addition to this you can review expenses claims, view or download payslips, contact us for advice and request information on any subject, all with just a few clicks.

We use the contractor portal to communicate with you when we need to, for generic messages to all our employees or for messages relating to you personally.

If you have any questions about our portal please call 01296 468482 or email

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