We have created an information hub to support our Orange Genie Accountancy clients, our Umbrella Employees and agencies where the the Covid-19 rules and legislation are explained for recruiters, contractors and the self-employed. Click here to find out more>>

KNOWLEDGE HUB for Recruiters

Are you a recruiter looking for useful documents and guides relating to either the world of freelancing, umbrella companies or contractor accountants? Our Knowledge Hub can help.

However, for now...please bear with us, we are currently working on a selection of material which we will upload in due course.

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General guides

1 - What is the EDM model?

EDM stands for Elective Deductive Model and we often get approached by recruitment consultants and owner managers about this topic. So what does this mean exactly? How does it work? Find out here >> 


2 - What is the 183 Day Rule?

This is a popular question we often get asked by recruiters. Download our guide here to learn more about the 183 day rule. 


3 - There's more to Umbrella companies than claiming expenses

The most important role performed by an umbrella company is to employ your contractors. In addition to being able to claim for expenses, were you aware through becoming an employee of Genie Education or Genie Umbrella this then grants access to an extensive list of other benefits too? Learn what these benefits are right here >>  


4 - Offshore employment intermediaries

This guide is important for any RPO, Recruiter or Freelance Contractor currently working with offshore employers in their supply chain – AND you may not know it! 

Government has proposed legislation to counter what it sees as avoidance in the supply chain. The legislation creates a liability that essentially forces one of the agencies in the supply chain to accept a liability for any unpaid Tax and NICs, if the contractor is engaged by an offshore intermediary. The supply chain liability is best explained visually so we recommend you download to learn more >> 


5 - Reporting requirements for agencies

It is very likely you are aware that as of April 6th, Employment Intermediaries are required by law to report on all non employed workers placed with clients. Here is a basic breakdown of the reporting requirements you need to know about >>  


Legislation and Compliance

1 - Account application form

Are you a recruiter looking for an umbrella company or contractor accountants to assist with contractor management? Download our account application form...


2 - Questionnaire - Agency Worker Regulations 2010

Download our Agency Worker Regulations questionnaire. The information here is required to enable us to ensure the individual receives the correct equal treatment as required by the Agency Workers Regulations.


3 - HMRC Dispensation

Download a copy of Orange Genie Group's HMRC Dispensation for particular expenses payments and other matters 


4 - Employers & Public Liability Insurance Certificate

Download a copy of Orange Genie Groups, Employers & Public Liability Insurance Certificate


5 - Professional Indemnity Insurance Certificate

Download a copy of Orange Genie Group's professional indemnity insurance certificate 


6 - Orange Genie Group Incorporation Certificate

Download a copy of Orange Genie Group's Incorporation Certificate


7 - Orange Genie Group VAT Certificate

Download a copy of Orange Genie Groups VAT Certificate


8 - Orange Genie Group Bank Details

Here you can view Orange Genie Group's bank details 



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Videos will be uploaded in due course, keep your eyes peeled. 

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