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Unfortunately the tax and employment legislation that drives the Freelance and Professional Contracting market is complex. The Hiring company will want to be satisfied that there are now unexpected liabilities, for example unpaid tax or claims for employment rights, coming their way.

Choosing the right solution for you is really important; the wrong option will cost you time and money. You will find there are three realistic options assuming the Recruitment Agency you have used don’t offer you a solution known as Agency PAYE although this is generally provided for lower paid contractors, those on a charge out rate of less than £10 per hour. We find that contractors who are new to the profession have very personal needs and ambitions, these often combine with subtleties associated with different sectors to make it impossible and inappropriate to provide generalised advice.

We have set up a Best Advice Team, under the leadership of Paul Simpson, who receive weekly training in our in-house Academy, to ensure they are equipped to provide you with the personal advice you need.

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