Worried about recent legislation changes concerning offshore & onshore intermediaries?

For the past three weeks, I’ve been dealing with a growing number of requests from recruitment agencies, asking for us to evidence that we comply with the requirements set out in the recent changes to legislation concerning offshore and onshore intermediaries.

The risks involved, should your business fall foul of these rules, have been widely documented already so engaging the services of a trusted partner is critical to your business.

I’ve seen a wide range of different approaches by recruitment agencies, some more comprehensive than others, all of them costly in financial and administrative terms and some don’t give you the evidence you need for complete peace of mind.

So where is your evidence of compliance?

What is the most sensible and straightforward way to make sure your service provider is compliant, not just with these recent changes to legislation, but in ALL areas that matter?

Orange Genie Umbrella are a member of both FCSA and Professional Passport which means that we adhere to strict and transparent codes of conduct, covering not just the recent changes to Offshore and Onshore Intermediaries legislation, but the many other areas that are equally important to get right when employing agency workers, including National Minimum Wage, Agency Workers Regulations and more recently Workplace Pension Auto-Enrolment.

Everything thing we do is reviewed by independent assessors and the subsequent findings sent to HMRC.

So, if you are struggling to get the information you need from your current service provider, or perhaps you find yourselves using a number of different providers, now could be the right time to talk to Orange Genie Umbrella.

You’ll get the assurance you need that you have outsourced the risk of employment to a trusted partner who will take on the legislative and administrative burden, where the necessary due diligence you need is already in place.

Damon Cochrane

Operations Director

Orange Genie Umbrella

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