Why Our Investment in Supply Teachers’ Wellbeing is Great News for Recruiters

Supply Teachers

We put a lot of time, effort and resources into looking after the supply teachers we employ. Obviously, it’s a good thing that we’re looking after our teacher employees, but you could be forgiven for asking what we get out of it and, perhaps more importantly, what’s in it for you as a recruiter? In this article, we’ll explain why we think supply-teacher wellbeing is important and what we’re doing about it.

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Healthy teachers do better work

Teaching isn’t the kind of job you can “phone in”; it’s as demanding as it is rewarding. If we can assist your teachers in looking after their physical and mental health, they’ll be better able to meet those demands. They’ll do a better job for your schools, which will help secure more work for them, and for you.

The importance of employee health is so obvious to us, that we’ve invested in several different services designed to safeguard and promote it.

Personal Doctor

Our Personal Doctor service gives all our teacher employees and their families access to free private GP appointments by phone or webcam. Teachers can contact a GP from anywhere in the world, the telephone service is available all day, every day and there are no usage limits. Where necessary, the doctor can even authorise prescription medication, which can be delivered to the teacher’s home or workplace.

Medical Specialist

Where our teacher employees or their families require specialist medical care, our Medical Specialist service helps them to navigate the process. Our experts provide a single point of contact who can guide them through their various options and the process of requesting specialist NHS referrals. They can also advise on the cost of private medical care where appropriate.  

Counselling and Support

Anyone who’s involved in teaching knows it can be stressful at times, and our teacher employees’ mental health is just as important as their physical health. That’s why we’ve provided free access to professional counselling on a confidential helpline through our Counselling and Support service. Again, the service is available all day, every day, there are no usage limits and we encourage teachers to make use of it whenever it might be useful to them.

Your Health

They say prevention is better than cure and our Your Health tool gives your teachers all the information they need to improve and maintain their general state of health. It includes a risk assessment, which gives them their “Health Age” along with recommendations on how they can adjust their lifestyle to improve their score. It also includes a vast medical database, which provides up to date, trustworthy information on thousands of medical issues. 

It’s easier to retain good supply teachers when they feel valued

Recruitment and retention are challenging in every part of the UK education system, and supply teaching agencies are no exception. This means there’s competition for good teachers, and if your teachers feel engaged and valued, they’re more likely to continue doing supply work for you.

It follows, then, that in order to help you retain the best teachers, we need to encourage our teacher employees to feel engaged and valued. We’ve chosen to do this by going out of our way to be a positive force in their lives, and make their experience as supply teachers as rewarding as possible. This is one reason why we’re obsessive about operational excellence and customer service, but we’ve also invested in a number of additional benefits.

Discount Outlet

Designed to help teachers’ money go further, and encourage them to do more fun things, our Discount Outlet is a huge, constantly evolving collection of discounts and offers. Teachers can save money on just about everything, including holidays, eating out and shopping, either online or on the high-street. They can even save on their regular supermarket shop with gift cards, and on last minute purchases with instant vouchers.

Fitness and Wellbeing

Our Fitness and Wellbeing service is a series of free lifestyle tools, providing everything your teachers need to take control of and improve different aspects of their lives. As well as significant discounts at over 3000 gyms all over the UK, it gives practical help to improve their fitness, diet, finances and mental health.

Care Support

Many supply teachers have caring responsibilities, and our Care Support service is a one-stop resource for the best advice, services and products for a loved-one’s care. It includes an online tool for co-ordinating care tasks between a group of people, as well as a single point of contact with an expert advisor who can help to navigate the options and find the right solutions.

For more information about the support and services Orange Genie can offer your supply teachers, or if we can help in any way, please contact our expert team on 01296 468483 or email info@orangegenie.com.    

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