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Why Orange Genie Offer Free Safeguarding Training for Your Supply Teachers

Supply Teachers

Safeguarding presents some unique challenges for supply teachers. They’re unfamiliar with the students and the school, and as a consequence they don’t have the background information that a permanent teacher would have. They wouldn’t, for example, expect to notice a change in a student’s behaviour.  

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Even so, it’s a mistake to undervalue the role supply teachers play in safeguarding children. Their unique position, as an adult who will only be in a child’s life for a short time, could give them the opportunity to spot something that an established teacher might miss, or a child might feel less anxious confiding in an unfamiliar adult who doesn’t know their carers and won’t be around for long. Given the importance of their role, and the additional challenges they can face, it’s extremely important that supply teachers are well trained and aware, so they know what to do when faced with a safeguarding issue.

Guidance and best practice are constantly evolving in line with case outcomes and lessons learned, and supply teachers are often responsible for their own training. Supply teachers must regularly update their knowledge, so they understand the latest requirements that they must embed in everyday practice.

For this reason, Orange Genie Education provide a free online course; An Introduction to Safeguarding. This 30-minute interactive tutorial provides supply teachers with the basic information they need on safeguarding children in the UK, including an overview of the key signs and behaviours to be aware of.

Once the supply teacher has completed the course, they can demonstrate understanding by taking a short test, after which they can download a certificate showing completion of the course. The course comes at no cost to you or the teacher and it functions as a useful refresher for supply teachers who may not have recent formal training.

We invited Sharon Wood the founder of National Supply Teacher Week to undertake our course.  Here's what she had to say:

"The Introduction to Safeguarding course enables supply teachers to learn about the importance of safeguarding children and vulnerable adults, and what signs to look for.  More and more supply teachers are preferring to study material such as this from the comfort of their own home, at a time to suit them. There are questions throughout, with a final set of assessment questions at the end. You can complete the course module as many times as you like and there is a valuable certificate to download and print off for your CPD file upon completion.  

Introduction to Safeguarding comes highly recommended as a clear, professionally constructed and essential course for any supply teacher".


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