Why Have You Been Enrolled on Our Pension Scheme?


All UK employers are required to provide a workplace pension scheme for their employees, and as your employer Orange Genie are no exception. We take our responsibilities as your employer very seriously indeed and accordingly, once you’ve been in our employment for three months you will be automatically enrolled on our workplace pension scheme.  

The legislation sets out minimum contributions for you as an employee and us as your employer, to ensure that every UK employee has the opportunity to save for retirement.

Employee Contribution Employer Contribution The Goverment Pays
2.4% of qualifying earnings. Set to rise to 4% by April 2019 2% of qualifying earnings. Set to rise to 3% by April 2019. 0.6% of qualifying earnings. Set to rise to 1% by April 2019.

Why can’t you opt out of our pension scheme in advance?

We’ve chosen our pension provider carefully and we regularly review this decision to make sure we’re doing the best we can for our employees. We believe it’s in your interests to be enrolled on our pension scheme, but we understand that you may not want to, for example if you’ve already made your own provision for retirement. You absolutely have the right to opt out, but we must opt you in first.

If we opt you out in advance we’ll be failing in our legal responsibility as your employer, as we are required to enrol all qualifying employees onto a workplace pension scheme, and to contribute to it. This is intended protect you from unscrupulous employers who may try to reduce their costs by encouraging employees to opt out.  

If you do decide that you want to opt out you can do so by contacting the pension provider after you’ve been enrolled. Provided you do this within 30 days of enrolment, any contributions you’ve made will be returned to you.

What if you want to enrol early?

By default, we defer enrolment until you’ve been with us for three months, so you’ll be “auto-enrolled” the first time we pay you after the three months have passed. If you’d like to enrol earlier, please inform us by email, stating the exact words “I [your name] personally submit this notification to advise that I wish to enrol in the workplace pension scheme with immediate effect”. We’ll then enrol you at the next opportunity.

If you have questions about our pension scheme or if we can help in any way, please contact our expert team on 01296 489242 or email helpme@orangegenie.com



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