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Why Contractor Engagement is Key for Recruiters


When we ask recruiters what their biggest challenge is, attracting and retaining high quality contractors is always at the top of the list. It’s a challenge that’s getting more difficult all the time, particularly in sectors where key skills are in short supply, and contractor engagement could be the answer.

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Stuck in the middle between contractors who know the high value of their skills and clients who need to control costs, recruiters can find their own margins being squeezed.

The truth is it doesn’t have to be this way. The pay rate isn’t the only way to motivate contractors, and the decision to work for you or another recruiter isn’t necessarily based only on how much you’re paying. It’s not really about money, it’s about value, and you can add value without paying more than everyone else.

Encourage loyalty by solving common contractor problems

There are a number of simple things that can make a difference to a contractor’s life that have nothing to do with how much they’re paid.

For example, late payment of invoices can cause terrible problems, regardless of the actual amount owed, and uncertainty about when money will arrive is a huge cause of stress among contractors.

Another issue is the difficulty in finding the right advice. Should your contractors go limited or opt for umbrella employment? How does IR35 affect them? What about AWR? Are they entitled to sick pay? Can they really take home 90% if they use a loan scheme? It can feel to some contractors like they need to be experts in our field as well as their own.

If your contractors can be confident that their money will arrive when expected, and that they’re getting the right advice from trustworthy experts, this will go a long way to reducing the uncertainty and stress of contracting, and many will be reluctant to “follow the money” into the unknown.

Improve engagement with additional benefits

You might be familiar with the idea of using additional benefits to “add value”. For example, my breakdown cover comes with discounts at a range of restaurants. Presumably the hope is that when it’s time to renew I’ll be more likely to stay with the same provider because I’m eager to keep my 10% off at Nando’s. The theory is sound, but it relies on offering me something that I’m likely to use, because if I don’t use it, I won’t value it and it won’t affect my behaviour.

This principle can be applied to contractors; offer them something useful that makes a difference to them, and they’re more likely to feel valued and stay with you for their next contract. Even better, partner with an umbrella company who offer additional benefits, and increase contractor engagement at no cost to yourself.

How can Orange Genie Help?

Orange Genie are contractor management experts, and partnering with us makes it easy to achieve a high level of trust and engagement with your contractors. This in turn makes it easier to recruit and retain the high-quality contractors your clients need.  

We get the basics right

We’re obsessed with operational excellence, and we’ve been managing contractors for over a decade. Using this experience, we’ve developed robust, flexible systems to ensure your contractors are paid correctly and on time, every time. We’ll work with you to match up our processes, and make sure your contractors always know when to expect payment.  

We offer a full range of compliant solutions, including umbrella employment, specialist contractor accountancy services and CIS self-employed solutions, which means our expert team can ensure that each contractor gets the right advice and chooses the right option for their circumstances. We’re well established and known in the industry as trustworthy experts, and we’re FCSA accredited, which means you and your contractors can have confidence in our expertise.

We offer the benefits your contractors didn’t know they needed

As we said earlier, the important thing to remember with additional benefits is that contractors have to use them and value them, or they don’t help.

We found that financial rewards alone didn’t give us the level of engagement we wanted, so while we still include a huge range of money-saving offers, these are now just part of a much wider approach to contractor rewards and benefits.

The services that our contractors really respond to do more than just saving them money. Our personal doctor service, our counselling helpline, support for carers and our lifestyle tools all solve real problems that our contractors face in their daily lives and they add up to a difference that goes well beyond any amount of money saved. Most of these benefits are things our contractors wouldn’t have thought to ask for, which is probably why you won’t see them being offered anywhere else.

Our unique take on employee benefits is having the desired effect, improving contractor engagement, satisfaction and wellbeing. Engaged, satisfied contractors do a better job, cause less work for you or your staff and stay with you for longer.

If you have any questions or if we can help in any way please contact our expert team on 01296 468483 or email info@orangegenie.com.

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