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Support for Supply Teachers with Caring Responsibilities

Supply Teachers

A growing number of teachers choose to leave permanent roles in order to look after aging relatives or children. Where a teacher has a need for flexible work, supply teaching is the ideal solution and as a result a significant number of supply teachers have caring responsibilities.

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Caring can be a challenge, and in order to do the best possible job for your clients and the children they serve, the carers among your supply teachers will need support. So, what can you do, and how can we help?

Orange Genie Edge Care Support

Care Support is a suite of services designed to support carers, including online tools to help a group of people to co-ordinate the day to day care of a loved one, and expert advice to navigate the available care options.

The service was set up by people who were carers themselves, and it’s designed to tackle the difficulties they experienced, which makes it intuitive and genuinely useful.

The Medical Concierge Service

The carers we’ve spoken to who have used Care Support have picked out the Medical Concierge service as the detail that made the most difference to them.

Carers often need to navigate a bewildering array of options, absorb a lot of new information and make important decisions about their loved one’s care, sometimes in difficult circumstances. Care Support gives them a single, expert contact who can help them at every stage, both by answering their questions and giving expert advice, and with practical help making arrangements and organising care. By helping your teachers find the best solutions as quickly as possible, the service reduces stress and maximises the chances of recovery.

How your supply teachers can access Care Support

When Orang Genie pay your teachers for the first time, they will receive log in details for their Orange Genie Edge account. They’ll need to log in to view their payslips, as well as accessing all the benefits of Orange Genie Edge.

Once logged in, they simply need to choose the Care Support tile from the menu. They will then have the option to access the service online, or call Care Support and access it that way.

As with all Orange Genie Edge services, Care Support comes at no cost to you or the teacher, and there are no usage limits.

Other Orange Genie Edge Services

We’re extremely proud of Orange Genie Edge, and one of the reasons is that it allows us to be there for your teachers in ways you wouldn’t expect. As well as Care Support, all our teacher employees get fast, on-demand access to a GP, expert help to arrange specialist referrals, professional counselling at any time through a confidential helpline, a range of tools to help them maintain a healthy lifestyle and a vast discount outlet to help their money go further. 

If you have any questions or if we can help in any way, please call our expert team on 01296 468 483 or email info@orangegenie.com.


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