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Safeguard Your Supply Teachers’ Wellbeing by Outsourcing it to Orange Genie Education

Supply Teachers

There are some obvious reasons why it’s better for those working in recruitment if their supply teachers have a good general state of health. They’ll be available more often and they’ll take fewer days off, for example. But many recruiters tell us it goes much deeper than that.

Improve supply teacher engagement with Orange Genie Edge

Teaching is demanding on a physical, mental and emotional level, and great teachers give generously of themselves each time they walk into a classroom. Those same great teachers will tell you the rewards more than balance out the cost, but it means that teaching is not a job you can do at “half power”. When a teacher is tired, stressed, unwell or otherwise “depleted”, their class might be missing an opportunity.

By helping to safeguard your supply teachers’ physical and mental wellbeing, you’re helping them do the best possible job for your clients in UK schools, and ultimately for the kids they’re teaching.

So, if you could give all your teachers the tools to maintain and improve their health and wellbeing, wouldn’t you want to do it? The good news is that you can, and the better news is that it comes as an ordinary part of what Orange Genie Education do for your teachers.

Access to Primary Care

NHS frontline services have always operated under pressure, and now it’s not uncommon for patients to wait weeks for an appointment with their GP. This can make patients reluctant to take minor ailments to their doctor, and even when they do seek help the issue can remain untreated for some time and can become more serious and more debilitating than it needed to be. Easy, on-demand access to primary care is a vital part of maintaining a good standard of general health, and being unable to easily get help can cause untold stress and worry, even where the physical issue proves to be relatively harmless.  

This is where Orange Genie Education’s Personal Doctor service comes in. All supply teachers who are employed by Orange Genie have free, unlimited access to a GP by phone at any time or by webcam during office hours. Appointments are usually available with a few minutes, and the service can be accessed from anywhere in the world, as long as the teacher has access to a phone or internet connection. Also, if the doctor prescribes medication it can be delivered anywhere in the UK.

Access to mental health services

Mental health is just as important as physical health, and accessing mental health services can be just as difficult for your supply teachers. NHS services often require a referral from a GP, which can cause delays as mentioned above, and will often not be able to help until the patient is experiencing an acute crisis. These difficulties can encourage patients to “just get on with it” until this proves impossible, with potentially disastrous results.

That’s why Orange Genie have given all our teacher employees access to trained counsellors on a 24-hour helpline. The service comes at no cost to you or the teacher, and there are no usage limits. We encourage all our employees and staff to use the service whenever they need it, for as long and as often as is helpful to them.

Access to specialist treatment

NHS patients should, in theory, wait for no longer than 18 weeks to access specialist treatment, once they’ve been referred by their GP. The 18 week “clock” starts from when the hospital receives the referral from the patient’s GP which would usually be sent by letter. Appointments can be delayed beyond the 18-week timeframe for clinical reasons (if the condition needs to be monitored before treatment, for example), because the patient chooses a later appointment time, or where the patient fails to attend arranged appointments.

If 18 weeks sounds like a long time for your supply teachers to wait for medical treatment, we completely agree, which is why our Medical Specialist service offers expert help to access specialist care as quickly and easily as possible. This includes guiding the teacher through the process of requesting a referral, a review of the surgical options and help to access care quickly by making use of cancelled appointments.

Fitness and wellbeing

As well as ensuring access to medical care and support, it’s important to make sure your teachers have access to the tools they need to maintain their general health and wellbeing. This includes giving them the right information, as well as practical help to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

For busy people like supply teachers, who are often juggling family commitments as well as a busy work schedule, maintaining a healthy lifestyle can present a challenge. That’s why Orange Genie Education provide a range of free lifestyle tools, including access to accurate health advice, discounts at over 3,000 gyms all over the UK, free exercise videos and hundreds of healthy recipes.    

Of course, all of these services are available at no cost to you, or to the teacher, for the entire time that your teachers are employed by Orange Genie Education. This includes periods when they’re not working, for example when they’re between assignments or during school holidays.

If you have any questions or if we can help in any way, please contact our expert team on 01296 468 483 or email info@orangegenie.com.


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