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Recruiters: How Our Private Doctor Service is Helping Umbrella Company Contractors

Umbrella Company

Our private doctor service, Personal Doctor, has always been one of the more popular benefits we offer our umbrella company employees. In recent months its popularity has been growing, so in this article we’re looking at how this service is helping your contractors, and how this benefits recruiters like you.

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What is Personal Doctor?

Personal Doctor is a free service that we offer through Orange Genie Edge, which is available to all our umbrella company employees, our accountancy clients. It gives them and their immediate families access to free, on-demand private GP appointments either by phone or webcam.

The service is available 24/7, and most appointments start within thirty minutes of the initial call. There’s even a prescription delivery service, so medicine can be delivered within 24 hours, anywhere in the UK.

Why more contractors are using Personal Doctor

Since the launch of Orange Genie Edge some years ago, Personal Doctor has consistently been one of the most popular services, and this isn’t a surprise. With NHS patients sometimes waiting weeks to see their GP, the advantages of being able to access medical advice within a few minutes, from the comfort of your home, are difficult to overstate.

However, the service has really come into its own during the pandemic, allowing our employees and clients to quickly and easily access medical care in a way that reduces the risk to themselves and others, while protecting NHS resources.

Our umbrella company employees and accountancy clients don’t have to wait for a GP appointment, they don’t have to que in a socially-distanced waiting room, and they’ve already spoken to a doctor before they access any NHS services.

As you can see from the graph below, the service is always in use, and it was extremely important to our contractors at the height of the pandemic.    

Umbrella Company

How is this of benefit to recruiters?

The benefits to your contractors are easy to see, but the service also has advantages for you as a recruiter:

Your contractors have easy access to medical care

By making it so easy for your contractors to access medical care, Personal Doctor means your contractors don’t need to take time off to attend GP appointments. They’re less likely to let conditions worsen due to reluctance to visit their GP, and when they’re ill they can often be treated more quickly and with less risk. This all adds up to fewer contractor sick days, and more healthy contractors working for your clients.

Your contractors value the service

Personal Doctor makes something that has become difficult for many people – accessing GP appointments – extremely easy and convenient. It’s deceptively simple, but from contractor feedback we know it’s enormously powerful. It makes issues that could have been large and difficult simple and easy to resolve. It brings a faster end to suffering, making your contractors’ lives better and easier. Contractors, particularly those who have used the service, place a high value on it.

This in turn makes them feel valued, improving contractor satisfaction and retention for our agency partners. Contractors who are satisfied and feel that they’re treated well generally work for longer, take less time off, create less work for your staff and do a better job for your clients.

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