Recruiters: How Continuous Employment Improves Retention of Supply Teachers

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Supply teaching is increasingly seen as a long-term career, and supply teachers want and need security and support that a temporary worker wouldn’t necessarily have cared about just a few years ago. Increasingly, retaining good quality supply teachers is about making them feel secure and valued, and the continuous employment they get from Orange Genie Education can play a large part in that.

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What we mean by continuous employment

When one of your supply teachers joins Orange Genie Education, they become our employee. This affords them all the rights and protections given to employees in UK law, as well as all the additional benefits of being employed by Orange Genie. Their employment with us doesn’t end with their assignment, but continues for as long as they work as a supply teacher, unless they choose to leave us. They’re even employed when they’re not working, for example between assignments and during the school holidays.

Why continuous employment makes a difference to your supply teachers

This is all very well, you might say, but what are the practical benefits? Why should a supply teacher care if they’re employed between assignments? That’s a very good question, and we’re glad you asked …

Statutory payments

One of the main benefits of being employed is entitlement to statutory payments like statutory sick pay and maternity/paternity pay. As you’d expect, our supply teacher employees are entitled to statutory payments throughout their employment with us, including periods when they’re not working.

Because we are the teachers’ employer, we are responsible for making statutory payments, and there’s obviously no cost to you as a recruiter.

Statutory Payments Rates for tax year 
Payment type Rate (per full week of entitlement)
Maternity Pay, Paternity Pay, Adoption Pay, Shared Parental Pay £148.68
Sick pay £94.25

Credit and references

Supply teachers often report that they have difficulty accessing credit, including mortgages, because their income profile puts lenders off. We can recommend specialist brokers who understand the supply teacher’s situation and know what they’re looking at, but in many cases just the fact that the teacher is employed by us is enough to solve the problem. 

Any reference we produce for our teacher employees will reflect the reality of the situation, which is that the teacher has a single period of employment with just one employer. This stability can make it much easier to access all kinds of credit.

The additional benefits of employment with us

It makes no sense to talk about the benefits of employment with Orange Genie Education, without mentioning the additional benefits that come along with it.

Orange Genie Edge, our employee benefits and rewards platform, is extraordinarily powerful and it offers benefits and services that make a real, tangible difference to supply teachers and their families.

Which us brings us back to continuous employment, and how the benefits are available all the time, even when the teacher is not working. Those benefits are always there, in your teachers’ lives and on their mind.

Whenever they buy something online, or on the high street, or at the supermarket, Orange Genie Edge is with them, saving them money. When a family member needs medical advice, or specialist care, or just someone to talk to, Orange Genie Edge is there to help. When they want to take control of their fitness, or their diet, or their finances, Orange Genie Edge shows them how. When they need a day out for the kids, or a weekend away, or a trip to the cinema, Orange Genie Edge cuts the cost.

Whatever your teachers are doing, even during the holidays, we’re constantly with them; saving them money, solving their problems and making life better. Who’s going to leave a job like that?

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