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The management of contingent workers can be extremely demanding, especially when it isn’t the main focus of your business. For recruiters this is a familiar dilemma, as both the administrative burden and the risks on non-compliance increase.

Time and resources spent in administration and compliance activity are time and resources not spent placing candidates and earning fees. For example, your staff might find themselves:

  • Investigating workers’ employment status
  • Recording evidence to support your decision
  • Reporting to HMRC where PAYE is not operated
  • Running payroll where workers are deemed to be employees
  • Managing payroll information and answering payroll queries

Many of these tasks require specialist expertise, which means employing specialists or arranging specialist training, and getting them wrong can have serious consequences for you and your business.

Little wonder, then, that so many recruiters are outsourcing the management of contingent workers to specialist experts like Orange Genie Construction.

Outsourcing work and risk

It’s not just about freeing up your people to concentrate on your core business, though that is a factor. It’s also about getting specialist experts to handle critical areas of compliance, without having to source or train them yourself.

Self-employed contractors can use our Construction Industry Scheme (CIS) solution, and we’ll manage all their CIS tax obligations. We’ll also help you establish robust processes to ensure genuine self-employment.

For contractors who are not self-employed, we’ll use our umbrella employment solution, removing all your liability and taking on all the administration.

Access to our expertise

Partnering with contingent worker management experts like Orange Genie Construction gets you easy access to all our specialist expertise. We’ll help you ensure compliance with all relevant legislation, and to prepare for upcoming changes. Where necessary we’ll provide training and ongoing support for your staff, covering legislation and a range of other issues.

We can help you create a compliance framework, allowing for easy assessment of the risk of each role and enabling you to make informed decisions about employment status. We’ll also assist you in creating robust processes to ensure intermediaries are operating compliantly.

Happier workers

Because of our focus on managing contingent workers, we can be confident that all payments are processed correctly and on time. We’ve developed robust, flexible processes that allow us to eliminate errors while giving us the ability to react to any issues as they occur.

Combine this with world-class customer service from our team of friendly experts, and you have a recipe for happier workers, making it easier to attract and retain high-quality talent, and reducing the number of queries your team have to deal with.

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