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Orange Genie Work with Advantage xPO to Resolve Their Client’s IR35 Concerns


About Advantage xPO

Advantage xPO are the workforce solutions division of Advantage Resourcing, who are one of the largest staffing firms in the world. They employ more than 150,000 contract professionals for more than 4,600 clients worldwide. 

They deliver customised, strategic staffing solutions to global clients across a variety of industries, and have built a reputation for pioneering leading-edge approaches to complex staffing initiatives. Advantage xPO have been recognised multiple times in both the MSP and RPO categories of HRO Today’s annual Baker’s Dozen list of top providers.

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The challenge

Advantage xPO were asked by their client, a major defence contractor, to source specialist guidance on compliance best practice.

The client engages around 650 contingent workers, a significant proportion of whom work through PSCs. The client wanted to improve their understanding of the compliance issues surrounding IR35, both to ensure best practice in their current operation, and to “future proof” them against potential private sector reform.

“From a financial compliance perspective, the client wanted a more independent view of the world from an organisation who could confirm they were being given the best advice,” says Miles Hadrill, Client Services Director at Advantage xPO.

The solution

Having been asked to source guidance from a specialist expert, Advantage xPO had no hesitation in involving Orange Genie, with whom they had a long-standing relationship. Miles believes this was the obvious choice.

“As FCSA Accredited members, and given how close they are to lobby groups and the people who will potentially form this future legislation, they’ve been able to advise us from a very informed perspective as to what’s likely to happen and what is the best practice that should be put in place today,” he says.

Advantage arranged for Orange Genie’s compliance experts to meet with the client’s staff to provide specific guidance, and combined this with published guides and joint workshops to help them implement best practice.

Joint workshops were also arranged to promote understanding of the issues among the workers themselves, helping them to secure their own position and ensure their IR35 status was correct.

Orange Genie and Advantage continue to offer advice and support to the client and workers on an ongoing basis.


Involving Orange Genie as compliance experts has allowed Advantage to resolve a significant concern for their client, providing ongoing advice and support and further strengthening an important relationship. Miles is happy to confirm this,

“Orange Genie’s involvement has definitely added a sense of consultation and collaboration to a topic that everyone is learning as it develops. Our partnering with them, and their coming in alongside us has enhanced the relationship between the parties.” 

This client specifically asked for specialist guidance, but Miles is clear that Advantage intend to involve Orange Genie in similar projects with other clients in future.

 “We already are,” he says, “We’ve already attended another high-profile client, and we’re arranging to visit a third who have similar concerns.

Compliance issues are a concern for any company who engage contingent workers, across all industries and sectors. Partnership with compliance experts like Orange Genie allows recruiters to support those clients without spending precious resources recruiting in-house specialists.

Contact Orange Genie if you have similar requests or indeed think you can add further value to your end client customer by providing best advice on supply chain compliance.


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