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Orange Genie Construction – Benefits to workers


As a recruiter in the construction industry, it’s important to look out for your contingent workers. Skilled and reliable people can be difficult to source, and if they’re not looked after they can be equally difficult to retain. Outsourcing the management of contingent workers to Orange Genie Construction obviously makes sense for recruiters, but is it a good move for the worker as well?

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The right advice, whatever the circumstances

At some point, every contingent worker must decide how they’re going to operate. Often the decision is easy, for example if they’re considered to be employed under the Onshore Employment Intermediaries Legislation, umbrella employment becomes the most attractive option, but sometimes the choice is not so clear-cut.

Orange Genie offer a complete range of compliant solutions and our priority is to make sure each worker is using the best one for them. Our expert team will listen to the worker and provide clear, no-nonsense advice based on their circumstances and preferences.

A fully supported CIS self-employed solution

You already know we can help you implement robust processes to ensure any workers using the Construction Industry Scheme are genuinely self-employed, but it doesn’t stop there. Orange Genie Construction provide full support through our CIS self-employed solution. We’ll make sure they’re fully compliant, and we’ll support them through CIS registration. We’ll also raise invoices for time worked and take care of their CIS payments. We provide £5 million Public Liability Insurance so they don’t have to arrange their own cover, and we even offer a discounted self-assessment at the end of the year. Most importantly, our team of dedicated experts is available by phone and email to resolve any issues and answer any queries.

Security and simplicity with Construction Umbrella

Where a self-employed solution is not appropriate, or where the worker prefers to keep things as simple as possible, our construction umbrella solution comes into its own. From the worker’s point of view, and from yours as the recruiter, it couldn’t be simpler. We employ the worker, invoice you for their work, and pay them as our employee.

The worker benefits from continuous employment, including full employment rights like sick pay, holiday pay, a workplace pension and maternity/paternity pay. Registration is quick and simple, and there are no fees to join us or to leave. Payments are completely transparent and we keep in touch via text and email so workers always know when they’ll be paid. Once again, our dedicated support team will be on hand to handle any queries and our umbrella employees also get access to our employee benefits scheme.

Focus on the things that matter

Regardless of their employment status, we take care of the things that matter to your workers. A focus on compliance, operational excellence and service delivery allow us to ensure payments are always made correctly and on time, while queries are resolved quickly and with no fuss. Outsourcing to Orange Genie Construction makes the management of contingent workers seamless and effortless, so workers and recruiters alike can concentrate on what they do best.



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