Orange Genie Connect… More Than a Bookkeeping Portal

As a contractor running a Limited company there is no escaping the need to maintain clear books and records. With the risk of sporadic work and gaps in contracts it’s vitally important that contractors are fully aware of their current and future financial situations.

With initiatives such as Making Tax Digital, it is necessary that companies maintain their records on line. In a world where we expect answers quickly and everything to be real time that record keeping software needs to be accessible 24/7 anywhere.

Orange Genie Connect is designed to meet contractor’s needs now and in the future. Using our experience and knowledge of how contractors engage with other on-line packages we have developed an easy to use, simple but informative platform. Removing some functionality, that was used only by a minority, we have streamlined the software to make using it quick and easy. Recognising the common pitfalls and errors made by contractors we have added features that will alert directors to potential problems, such as withdrawing more funds than are available and the dashboard provides a clear estimate of both corporate and personal tax liabilities based on current bookkeeping.

Orange Genie Connect offers all the functionality you would expect of an excellent on line package:-

  • Invoicing and credit notes, emailed direct to customers
  • Expenses logging and mileage claims , with the ability to photograph receipts on the go and save in the system
  • Overnight bank feeds with all major banks and clever software that will auto describe your transactions as it learns your habits
  • A central dashboard summarising the heart of your business, highlighting available funds and potential tax liabilities
  • Your VAT returns explained and filed with HMRC
  • Your payslips and dividend vouchers available for review at any time
  • Reports to help you analyse performance and run a successful business

But there is much more…. We know how important it is to ensure you get the right advice not just about running your company but in relation to protecting and providing for your family, planning for retirement, buying your dream home or even just finding your next contract. So we have made it easy for you to seek support from one of our many expert partners. Orange Genie Connect provides you with a fast and easy way to reach out to them too and to gain the advice as and when you need it.

We still wanted to add more!  Orange Genie Connect will incorporate an extraordinary benefits package designed with your overall well-being in mind. We listened to what contractors needed to make their lives easier in a busy world and we have put together services and offers that will make a real difference to you and your family. Here are some of the benefits:-

  • Support and counselling on a range of subjects from qualified experts through a confidential helpline
  • 24/7 access to a GP by phone or webcam consultation, including prescriptions by email
  • Specialist support and advice for carers and parents
  • Fitness, nutrition and health advice, including practical help to lead a healthier lifestyle
  • Money-saving benefits from a range of retailers from supermarkets, to cinema and restaurant chains as well as travel agents and much more.

Orange Genie Connect provides us with an opportunity take more control over the software’s development plan. We can listen to contractors and implement enhancements to the platform with future releases, ensuring we are agile and  the only support you will need in the ever changing landscape of the contracting world.

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