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Orange Genie Accountancy - what drives someone to recommend a service?

Here are Helen Christopher's (our Operations Director) thoughts on what makes someone recommend a service:

I recently found myself in the position of needing to find a reliable and trustworthy builder to create an opening in a rather important structural wall of my home! I did what most of us would do in that situation and I asked my friends and colleagues if they could recommend anyone – I even used social media and posted the question to a wider unknown audience hoping to receive a multitude of replies.

As I posed my question, I began to wonder what would motivate people to recommend.

The responses on social media were short and factual – names were given with no other explanation or persuasion. I guess that in most cases the person recommending knew the builder and was just hoping that I might just give them a call and they’d get the chance to quote. Without the personal touch and some more detail I was left cold and uninspired. 

With friends and family the reaction was completely different: If they knew a suitable builder they were rather excited to give me a name, if they did not know anyone, some actively sought names from their friends. Rather than just provide me with a name these recommendations came with stories and anecdote – I was given examples of similar jobs undertaken and names of satisfied customers – I felt far more reassured hearing their stories that these were builders I would want to deal with.

In all cases the motivation to recommend came from a desire to assist with my problem and the potential to help someone they held in high regard by providing them with the chance of further work. The overriding motivation to recommend was not because there was “something in it for them”, but I guess they also hope that one day I will be able to return the favour!

It strikes me that there is a synergy here between my experience and those of Orange Genie Accountancy’s clients. Driven by a desire to find a solution to a friend or colleagues need, we have a cohort of very happy customers recommending our services and accountants to their friends. Our client’s experiences have encouraged them to see us as a trustworthy advisor, someone they are prepared to recommend to friends and colleagues; they want to connect people within their network to share experiences and to help.

So why not join the many clients who have already referred? There is a feel good factor to recommending and as a thank you our scheme provides you and your friend with the opportunity to save money off of your Accountancy fees!

Orange Genie Accountancy’s refer a friend scheme is simple. Our new app allows you to easily refer a friend via social media; alternatively you can drop a line to your accountant and we will make contact with your colleague. 

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