Orange Genie’s Tour de France Challenge for Buckinghamshire Mind

Orange Genie

Cycling 2,149 miles in 23 days. Say it quickly, and it doesn’t’ sound so hard, and besides, hundreds of people complete the Tour de France every year, so it can’t be that difficult, right?

But those people are professional athletes. They’ve been training for years, it’s the pinnacle of their careers and they have an army of support staff behind them!

So, what has possessed the otherwise brilliant and mostly sane staff here at Orange Genie to take on this challenge, to cover the distance of the Tour de France at the same time as the actual race is taking place?

To explain that properly, we first have to talk about another challenge Orange Genie have taken on, to raise at least £10,000 for our chosen charity partner, Buckinghamshire Mind.

Looking after our contractors

Poor mental health is now a leading reason for staff absence from UK work places, and some 42% of workers admit they’ve considered resigning due to workplace stress.

Contractors are an independent and self-reliant bunch, and while the contracting life has a lot of important advantages this independence can make it harder to manage workplace stress. As mental health is a significant issue affecting UK contractors, we felt duty-bound to do something meaningful about it.

Orange Genie Edge

One of the things we’re doing, is ensuring all our accountancy clients, umbrella employees and staff have free, unlimited access to professional counselling on a confidential helpline. This makes it easy to seek help, and it’s working; with 291 visitors accessing the service in April alone.

Buckinghamshire Mind

Not content with supporting our own people, we wanted to extend our reach into the wider community. When we chose Buckinghamshire Mind as our charity partner for 2018/19, we made a commitment to champion mental health in the workplace, raising awareness of the issues and supporting solutions well beyond our own sphere of influence.

Buckinghamshire Mind deliver high quality community-based mental health services across the county, as well as bringing focused expertise to their partnerships and the services they provide. They support people in Buckinghamshire so they can be open about who they are, without worrying about discrimination, knowing they will be accepted. We’re very proud to be supporting them.

The Tour de France Challenge

In this latest physical challenge, we’re attempting to collectively cover the same distance as the Tour de France, in the same time as it actually takes the professional cyclists to complete the race. We know it’s going to be difficult; we need to average 93.4 miles per day for just over three weeks.

But Orange Genie’s fundraising heroes laugh in the face of difficult. Whether it is on the static bikes in the office, or on the local roads, they welcome the prospect of grinding out seemingly endless, gruelling miles, gasping for breath and soaked with sweat as they force exhausted muscles to keep moving through the searing pain … well if we’re honest, “welcome” may be a strong word, but it will be worth it. You can make sure of that.

How you can help

Our brave cyclists are going to need all the encouragement they can get, and nothing will put fire into their tired limbs better than an increasing donation total. Please, click the button below to visit our Just Giving page and donate. Every penny you give will make a difference, and you might even save some tax as well.


If you have any questions or if we can help in any way, please call our expert team on 01296 468 483 or email

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