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FCSA Accreditation

As anyone working in the supply industry will know, it’s unlikely that we’ll ever see a trade union endorsing umbrella companies. Even though compliant umbrella companies employ and protect the rights of thousands of their members, politically it’s just not something they can do.

The National Education Union discuss the various models available to supply teachers in their Supply Teacher Toolkit and as expected the document is generally hostile to anything other than direct engagement by schools. However, it does acknowledge that some teachers may want to opt for umbrella employment and it offers a very nearly accurate explanation of what that means.

 More importantly, the document urges supply teachers who wish to use umbrella companies to ensure their chosen employer is a member of a trade body with a code of conduct. The only such body to be named in the document is the FCSA.

“The NEU obviously does not endorse any umbrella company arrangement. If you think that you want to or have to work under such an arrangement, however, you should check whether the particular umbrella company is a member of any trade body with some form of code of conduct. The best known of these is the FCSA ( which has a compliance code for its members.”

Given the traditional scepticism of trade unions towards umbrella companies we have to take this as a ringing endorsement of what we, as accredited members of FCSA, have been working to achieve.

FCSA Accreditation is recognised as the gold standard for compliance for the temporary labour market. Accredited members are assessed against the highest and most demanding compliance standards in the industry.

We strongly advise supply teachers and recruiters to ensure that any umbrella company they work with is an FCSA Accredited Member and we’re very pleased to learn that the NEU agrees with us.


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