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How an Umbrella Company can Reduce Contractor Sick Days

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When your contractors are off sick it can be extremely inconvenient, for you, your client and for the contractor themselves. For everyone involved, it would be best to minimise the number of days your contractors take off sick. In this article we’re looking at how we as an umbrella company can help achieve that.

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The causes of contractor sick days

According to the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development survey, which investigated UK absence trends, the largest causes of sickness absence are:

  • Minor illness (colds, flu, stomach upsets and headaches)
  • Stress
  • Injuries/backpain

With everyone in the UK dealing with unprecedented uncertainty and disruption, and with many experiencing difficulties accessing “non-urgent” healthcare, managing your contractors’ wellbeing and encouraging them to look after themselves is more important than ever.

How an umbrella company can help

If your contractors happen to be employed by the right umbrella company, they may receive additional support to help them maintain their health and wellbeing in these difficult times. Orange Genie even offer a solution that speeds up their access to healthcare.

Contractor health and wellbeing

Employees of Orange Genie have unlimited, free access to a range of benefits and services designed to help them manage their health and wellbeing, including:

  • Online health assessment and a database of up to date health advice
  • Discounted memberships at thousands of participating gyms all over the UK
  • A library of exercise videos, free to stream from any device
  • Hundreds of easy to follow healthy recipes
  • Mindfulness and meditation videos to help them manage stress, get better sleep and be more productive

This has been especially important during the pandemic, giving contractors the ability to remain active and manage stress despite lockdown measures being in place.  These tools allow your contractors to remain generally healthy, which means they’re less likely to experience minor illness or workplace stress.

Access to healthcare

NHS services were under pressure before the pandemic, with patients sometimes waiting weeks to see their GP, and this has not improved in recent months. Covid-19 has also made many people reluctant to visit their GP, either because they’re worried about infection or because they don’t want to use up scarce resources unnecessarily. If your contractors have to wait for medical attention, they’re likely to have more time off sick.

Orange Genie employees have access to two brilliant services that help them access the care they need more quickly.

  • Personal Doctor gets them free on-demand access to private GP appointments by telephone or webcam. There’s also a prescription delivery service that can deliver medication anywhere in the UK.
  • Medical Specialist provides expert help when your contractors needs to access specialist care, guiding them through the process of requesting a specialist referral, and using our Access to Care tool to get them the earliest possible appointment.

The effect of these services is to help your contractors and their families to access the care they need as quickly has possible, so they can recover and get back to work asap.

Support when your contractors need it

Our employees also get free access to services designed to support them when they’re dealing with some of life’s hardest moments.

  • Support and Counselling gives them access to professional counselling on a confidential helpline at any time of the day or night. No problem is too small and they’re welcome call whenever they feel the need, but specialist expertise is available in a number of areas, including family law, addiction and debt management.
  • Care Support helps your contractors when they’re caring for sick relatives or loved-ones, with specialist experts on hand to discuss the options and help to arrange their loved-one’s care.

These services help your contractors to cope when life gets especially tough, possibly allowing them to get back to normal, and back to work.

Track record and usage figures

Obviously, these services will only affect the amount of time your contractors have off sick if they actually use them. Below are the monthly usage figures for the services we’ve mentioned in this article.

Orange Genie Edge Service Number of uses in January 2021
Your Health 452
Fitness and wellbeing 662
Personal Doctor 541
Medical Specialist 324
Support and Counselling 535
Care Support 698

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