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How an Umbrella Company can Reduce Contractor Sick Days

Umbrella Company

Healthcare services have come under a lot of pressure during the coronavirus pandemic,  and independent charity The Health Foundation have raised concerns that many people are at risk of not getting the care they need. As a recruiter, you need your contractors to be well enough to work, which means it’s a concern if they don’t have access to medical care. Fortunately, recommending the right umbrella company can help make sure your contractors always have access to medical care.

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What is the problem?

The Health Foundation have raised two main issues:

  • While consultations with patients over 75 have increased, younger patients had significantly fewer consultations with their GP during the pandemic. This raises concerns that some patients may not receive the care they need because worries about Covid-19 infection made them reluctant to visit their GP.
  • Around 8% of GPs in England are considered to be a high risk from coronavirus, and if those GPs stop seeing patients they will leave over 700,000 people without access to their GP.

How does this affect recruiters?

 Obviously, it’s important they your contractors are fit and well and able to work. When they get ill, you want them to recover as quickly as possible, and if they don’t have access to medical care when they need it, this isn’t going to happen. The last thing your clients need is to lose workdays because your contractors either couldn’t or chose not to visit their GP.

How can an umbrella company help?

The truth is that most umbrella companies can’t help with this issue, but Orange Genie can. All our umbrella company employees get access to Orange Genie Edge, our extraordinary employee benefits platform, which includes a range of benefits and services to help our employees care for themselves and their families.

One of those services is Personal Doctor, which gives them free access to private GP appointments at any time of the day or night by phone, and by video call during office hours.  

  • The service can be used free of charge for all Orange Genie Employees and members of their household
  • There are no usage limits, and the service is 100% confidential
  • Telephone appointments are available 24/7
  • Video appointments are available Monday to Friday between 8:30am and 6:30pm
  • The service is available from anywhere in the world, as long as you have access to a phone or internet connection
  • If the doctor believes prescription medicine is necessary, it can be delivered anywhere in the UK

The result is that Orange Genie employees don’t need to wait to access healthcare, or try to decide if their illness is serious enough to risk a trip to their GP.

Can online and telephone appointments really solve the problem?

Analysing the use of askmyGP, which is a remote consultation provider used by 51 GP practices in England, The Health Foundation found that those practices saw on average a 1% reduction in appointments with younger patients. This, compared to an average 33% drop nationally, demonstrates that the online service has helped to maintain access to healthcare during the pandemic.

This supports our experience with personal doctor, which saw a marked increase in usage during lockdown.

Umbrella Company

In fact, more than one in 5 of our employees used Personal Doctor during the height of the pandemic. This means the service is doing its job of ensuring your contractors get fast access to the care they need, even when it’s not safe to visit their GP. This in turn means they will recover as quickly as possible, and get back to work for your clients.

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