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How Supply Teachers Saved the Day Over Two Million Times Last Year

Supply Teachers

According to figures published by the government in June, 2,025,231 teaching days were lost to sickness in English schools last year and 54.4% of teachers had to take time off sick. In 2018 the average class size was 21.2, which means in terms of children learning, those lost teaching days actually add up to more than forty-two million missed opportunities.

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This would be a fairly bleak picture, with correspondingly dark implications for our nation’s future, if not for the fact that most of those opportunities were not actually lost. They were covered by supply teachers, who heroically stepped up at the last minute and saved the day, teaching unfamiliar classes in unfamiliar schools, often with just a few hours’ notice.

We employ thousands of supply teachers and we’re well aware of how talented and dedicated they are. We’re very glad that our schools have access to these marvellous professionals when emergency cover is required.

Ensuring the continued supply of supply teachers

It’s vital for our education system, and ultimately for the children it serves, that great supply teachers continue to be available, and that means supply has to remain a viable career choice for great teachers. Someone has to look after your supply teachers, and that’s where we come in.

  • Continuous employment. Supply teachers who are employed by Orange Genie have a single, continuous period of employment, rather than being engaged separately for each assignment. We employ your teachers even in periods when they’re not working, such as during the school holidays. This has a number of advantages, for example references and credit applications are greatly simplified, and the teacher has a single tax code across all their assignments.
  • Full employment rights. Because their employment is continuous, our teacher employees have full employment rights, including sick pay, holiday pay, access to a pension scheme and maternity/paternity pay.
  • Additional Benefits. Orange Genie Education’s teacher employees have access to a range of benefits designed to help them make their money go further, care for themselves and their families and get more out of supply teaching.

supply teachers

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