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How to Improve Engagement and Retention Among Agency Nurses

Agency Nurses

It’s difficult to deny the advantages of a fully engaged, satisfied workforce. Happy, satisfied workers will work for longer, take less time off and do a better job for your clients. High levels of engagement will help keep your clients happy, and reduce your turnover so you spend less time replacing staff. But how do you improve staff engagement when your staff are agency nurses, working at a client site?

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Why healthcare recruiters might struggle to improve engagement

As a healthcare recruiter, you send your nursing staff to work in environments that you are not in control of. If those environments are challenging, either in terms of the working conditions or the staff culture, there is legitimately nothing you can do about it. You might be forgiven for thinking that the consequences you experience, in terms of high turnover and low staff morale, are likewise outside your control, but that’s where Orange Genie Healthcare can help.

How Orange Genie Healthcare can help

As a responsible employer, Orange Genie Healthcare are determined to be a positive force in our employees’ lives, which is why we created Orange Genie Edge, our amazing employee benefits platform.

Orange Genie Edge is designed to make a real difference to your nurses’ lives, with benefits and services that will make their money go further, help them care for themselves and their families and really get the most of their contracting career.

From your point of view, it helps to make your nurses feel valued and engaged, as well as improving their wellbeing and reducing the number of sick days.

Medical and support services

  • 24/7 GP appointments
  • Expert help accessing specialist care
  • Access to trained counsellors on a confidential helpline
  • Specialist support for carers

Our medical services are focussed on getting your nurses access to the care they need as quickly as possible, so they can recover and get back to work. Your nurses and their families can speak to a doctor at any time of the day or night, from anywhere in the world as long as they have access to a phone or internet connection, and our Medical Specialist service connects them with an expert who can help them arrange swift access to specialist care.

At the same time, our support services offer much-needed help at some of life’s hardest moments, giving your nurses unlimited, confidential access to trained counsellors at any time, and offering specialist advice and support to those caring for sick or elderly relatives.

Obviously, this will reduce the number of sick days you have to cover, but more importantly it demonstrates that your nurses are valued and their wellbeing is important, which has a significant effect on engagement.

Lifestyle tools

  • Online health risk assessment
  • Reliable, cutting edge health and fitness advice
  • Discounts on gym memberships
  • A comprehensive library of online fitness videos
  • A vast collection of healthy recipes
  • Financial advice from the Money Advice Service

Orange Genie Edge comes with a number of tools designed to help your nurses improve and maintain their health and wellbeing, including discounts on gym membership, exercise videos, cutting edge, medically verified health and fitness advice, healthy recipes and the latest financial tips from the Money Advice Service.

These services combine to help your nurses take control of their fitness, their mental health and their finances, so they can do more and get more out of life, which adds up to a happy, engaged and reliable workforce for you and your clients.

Discount outlet

  • Regular savings at major supermarkets and other retailers with reloadable cards
  • Earn cashback on hundreds of products and services
  • Last minute savings with instant vouchers
  • Discounts on cinema tickets, holidays, eating out and much more.

Our discount outlet is designed to make your nurses’ money go further, so we’ve made sure it includes the things they buy all the time. With discount cards for major supermarkets and cashback on all sorts of products and services, regular use can take a real bite out of the cost of living.

There are also discounts on holidays, eating out and cinema tickets, for when your nurses want to treat themselves with the money they’ve saved.

It may seem like a small thing, but making their money go further can have a huge impact on your nurses’ lives. They’ll be able to do more with their money, and get more out of life, leaving them more contented, and improving engagement for you.

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