HMRC plan to recruit up to 60 officers to catch out NMW cheats...

The national minimum wage (NMW) was first introduced to put a stop to under pay and curb workpoverty in April 1999. However, nearly 15 years on loopholes in the system still allow dishonest or incompetent employers to exploit workers. The government released on Tuesday its latest list of 48 employers who failed to pay NMW.

In reaction to this, Trade Union Congress (TUC) general secretary, Frances O’Grady said in a statement government must invest in additional inspectors with the hope of “every single minimum wage cheat being caught”. 

“It’s great to see more cheapskate bosses brought to justice for not paying the minimum wage,” she said. “It’s a constant battle though, and despite the growing list of those named and shamed there are many other employers still getting away with it.”

According to a spokesperson for the Department for Business Innovation & Skills HMRC’s budget for enforcing NMW has increased from £8m to £9.2m this year, and will increase again in 2015/16 to £12.2m. 

The extra resources has allowed HMRC to recruit an additional 26 compliance officers in 2015 so far, taking the total to 133 and there are plans in place to recruit an additional 60 officers in 2015/2016.

The spokesman said “This will strengthen HMRC’s ability to carry out targeted enforcement in the most problematic sectors, whilst ensuring they continue to respond to every complaint they receive.”

There is no excuse for companies not paying staff the wages they are entitled to consequently, Orange Genie welcome this news.

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