Helping Your Supply Teachers Through the Christmas Holidays

Supply Teacher

We often hear from supply teachers who have struggled financially during the school holidays, but in many ways the Christmas holidays can be worse. We all know that the run-up to Christmas can be expensive and stressful. Financial problems become more urgent, family arguments more upsetting. Wonderful as the festive season can be, many people find themselves more vulnerable, both mentally and financially, at this time of year.

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For supply teachers, who don’t get paid when they’re not working, all this coincides with a gap in their income that they also need to budget for. Obviously, you want your teachers to enjoy the break and have fun spending time with their family, so they come back ready to inform and inspire like good teachers always have. So, is there anything you can do to help them make the most of the festive season?

As it happens, there is, because supply teachers who are employed by Orange Genie Education have a number of important advantages in this situation.

Counselling and Support

Between pressure to socialise and temptation to eat and drink more than usual, it’s easy to lose your equilibrium over Christmas. Add this to the extra strain the celebrations can put on your finances, and it’s no wonder so many people struggle during the festive season.

We believe our employees’ mental health is as important as their physical health, which is why we’ve given them all access to professional counsellors on a free, confidential helpline. It’s available all year round, including the Christmas bank holidays, 24 hours a day. The service is also available to their family members too.

Our Discount Outlet

It’s obviously easier to budget when your money goes further, and all Orange Genie employees get access to our comprehensive discount outlet. With thousands of discounts and cash-back offers available, supply teachers can save money on groceries, entertainment, holidays, online shopping and much more.

Orange Genie employees get the benefit of our discount outlet all year round, and it reduces their everyday costs and enables them to do more fun things for less. At Christmas it becomes even more useful, reducing the cost of gifts, food, drink, travel, and all the other traditional expenses of the season.

What you can do

Simply advise your teachers to use Orange Genie Education as their umbrella company. In addition to the above advantages, they’ll get the benefit of our exceptional service and all the benefits of Orange Genie Edge which are unlike anything they’ll receive elsewhere.

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