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Helping our Umbrella Company Employees Take Care of Themselves and Their Families

Umbrella Company

In these difficult and uncertain times, it’s more important than ever to take care of yourself and as a responsible umbrella company we’re determined to help our employees to do that in any way we can. Through Orange Genie Edge, we provide a large range of benefits and services to our umbrella company employees. This article focuses on those services that will help you to take care of yourself and your family.

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Your Health

There are two separate services behind the Your Health tile on your Orange Genie Edge menu page: Health for Travel, and Health assessment. In this article we’re concerned with the second, though Health for Travel has loads of useful info for anyone who has to travel abroad, particularly during the Covid-19 pandemic.

You’ll need to follow a few simple instructions to register for Health Assessment, but this only takes a few minutes, and once you’ve registered you’ll have access to all the information you’ll need to manage and improve your health and wellbeing. Once again, there are two main sections:

The wellbeing questionnaire

This is a lifestyle questionnaire, designed to tell you what your present position is. Once you’ve completed it, you can see a number of metrics on screen, and you can download PDF report which contains simple advice based on your answers. The expectation is that you will use this advice to make simple, targeted changes to decrease your risks and improve your quality of life.

You can track your progress by completing the questionnaire again and comparing the result.   

The Take 5 Library

This is a collection of videos, podcasts and PDF downloads giving expert advice on all sorts of lifestyle issues. They’re arranged into categories so you can easily find what you’re looking for, and they cover a wide range of subjects, including nutrition, activity, back care, mental health, finances and work.

 Your Support and Counselling

From talking to our umbrella company employees over the last few months, we know that managing mental wellbeing has been a challenge for many. Daily life has undergone a number of rapid changes, and there are more adjustments to come as lockdown eases and our employees return to the workplace. Our Counselling and Support service has always been an invaluable tool to help our employees and their families manage their mental health, but in these uncertain times it’s even more important.

The telephone service

Our umbrella company employees and their families can use our confidential helpline to speak in confidence to a fully qualified counsellor at any time of the day or night.

Talking to one of our experienced counsellors or psychotherapists can help you understand a problem, make a tough decision, try a different approach or just learn how to cope with a difficult situation.

Our counsellors can help you with health advice across a range of medical and wellbeing services and we have expert legal and financial support available through our specialist partners.

The aim is to support you and find a solution to whatever is worrying you.

There is no limit on the number of times you can call, and everything discussed is treated in the strictest of confidence.

The online portal

You can also access  a library of helpful written information about a wide variety of mental health issues. Self-help workbooks can be downloaded in PDF format, and comprise in-depth expert and medical information, as well as advice on how you can move forward, and contact details for specialist organisations where appropriate.

Orange Genie Edge medical services

Fast access to medical care is an important factor in maintaining health and wellbeing. With some NHS services under pressure, many staff members at high risk from Covid-19 and many patients showing reluctance to visit their GP, there are reasonable worries that some might not get the care they need. Fortunately, Orange Genie Edge contains services designed to ensure our employees and their families always have access to medical care.

Your Personal Doctor

This service gives our employees access to private GP appointments by phone and webcam at no cost at all to themselves. The service can be accessed at any time of the day or night, and from anywhere in the world that has a phone or internet connection. Where prescription medicine is required, it can be delivered anywhere in the UK.

Your medical specialist

If you need to be referred to a specialist, our access to care navigation tool can help. By accessing all the various NHS databases, it’s often possible to use cancelled or unfilled appointments, meaning you or your family member could receive treatment more quickly.

Just call the helpline and our staff will be able to guide you through the process of requesting a referral, review the surgical options available to you and provide an indication of private hospital costs if necessary.

Your care support

When a loved one falls ill, it can be difficult to know where to turn, and recent events could be much harder when you’re responsible for a vulnerable person’s care. By providing a single, expert point of contact, our Care Support service will help you navigate the care options to make sure we find the right solution. Whether you need advice on care, medical finances, property and funding or legal support, we’ll be there to help you find the best possible solution at your time of need.

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