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According to statistics published by the Bank of England, the average UK household spends over £500 extra in December. That’s a 25% increase in the average monthly spend per household. At a time when your supply teachers will be trying to plan the Christmas holidays into their budget, how can you make sure they get as much as possible for their money? After all, you want them to have a great Christmas, so they come back refreshed and ready to take on the new year. 

Orange Genie Edge Discount Outlet

As part of our mission to make sure your supply teachers have a great experience working for you, all our teacher employees have access to our extraordinary benefits platform, which includes our comprehensive Discount Outlet. It’s constantly evolving and it’s so big that our own staff have developed a habit of checking it before making any kind of purchase, because there’s likely to be a deal available. If your supply teachers want to save money, the Discount Outlet really is the most effective tool at their disposal. 

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Reloadable Cards

Your supply teachers can use reloadable cards to save on regular spending, like groceries. The process is very simple; they buy credit on their card at a discount, and they spend it in store as if it was money. For example, the discount at M&S at the time of writing is 7%, so your teachers can purchase £100 of credit for £93 and spend it on anything they like at M&S, with one or two exceptions. The available discounts change all the time, but at the moment they include: 4% at Tesco, 5% at Sainsbury’s, 5% at John Lewis and Waitrose, 4% at Asda and 7% at Iceland. With an average household grocery bill of £3,150 a year, those are significant savings. And since average spending just on food goes up 16% in December, they’ll save even more over Christmas. 


Cashback offers are available on a vast range of products and services, and your supply teachers can earn either a fixed amount, or a percentage of what they spend. For example, right now they could earn £50 on AA breakdown cover, £120 on EE Home Broadband, 7.5% at Argos, £85 at Carphone warehouse and 10% at  That’s just a small selection from a list of over 800 items. The amount earned will appear in the teacher’s cashback account on Orange Genie Edge, and once approved it can be withdrawn immediately into their bank account, or saved up for as long as they like. Since the launch of Orange Genie Edge, it’s become common for Orange Genie staff to save their cashback up, either to spend on a summer holiday or for extra cash at Christmas. Some have amassed hundreds of pounds in free money, just by checking the Discount Outlet before they buy things. 

Instant Vouchers

Instant vouchers allow your teachers to save at the very last minute, both in store and online. So, they could log into Orange Genie Edge from their phone while in a store, download a voucher and get the discount on their purchase. Instant vouchers are currently available at over a hundred UK retailers, including Currys PC World, M&S, Argos, John Lewis, IKEA, Earnest Jones, Debenhams, New Look and Nike. With discounts ranging from 4 to 20%, they’re a brilliant way to reduce the cost of Christmas shopping. 

But are these offers really useful to your supply teachers?

It’s all very well for us to talk about how many offers there are, and how much they add up to in potential savings, but the real question is whether the Discount Outlet contains savings on the things your supply teachers actually want to buy. As a demonstration, we’ll go back to the Bank of England statistics on increased spending in December. The below table shows what the Bank of England says the additional money is being spent on by UK consumers, and cross references that with live offers in the Discount Outlet. 


          Increase in spending at Christmas

  Example offers

Food  16% 7% discount at M&S
4% discount at Tesco
5% discount at Sainsbury’s
4% discount at Asda
Alcohol 33% All of the above, plus: 
5% cashback at Waitrose Cellar
8% cashback at Master of Malt
12% discount at Laithwaite’s Wine
4% discount at Virgin Wines
Clothing 43% 12% cashback at Hugo Boss
10% discount at New Look
6% cashback at Coast
10% cashback at Money Clothing
3% cashback at Ralph Lauren
Toiletries 56% 10% cashback at Chemist Direct
6% cashback at Lloyds Pharmacy
7% discount at Boots
Computers 68% 8% discount at Currys PC World
4% cashback at Dell
6% discount at Apple
7% discount at Argos
Books 85% 10% Discount at National Book Tokens
7% discount at Waterstones
5% cashback at the Book Depository
3% cashback at Book People
Music and DVDs 116% 2% cashback at
2.5% cashback at Zavvi
7% discount at iTunes
7% discount at Argos

As you can see, not only is every category covered, but there’s a range of retailers available in each one. This means there’s a very high chance that your supply teachers will find offers on whatever they’re looking to buy, giving them more money to spend, and setting them up for the best possible Christmas. 

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