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Easy Ways our Umbrella Company Employees Can Save Money

Umbrella Company

If you’re one of our umbrella company employees, you should already be aware of Orange Genie Edge, and all the amazing benefits and services it contains. The Discount Outlet is one of the services that is useful to almost everyone, and it’s constantly evolving and being updated.

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The Discount Outlet works best to save you money when you get into the habit of using it all the time, whenever you make a purchase. This is often difficult to do, because it means remembering to change your behaviour, so in this article we’re looking at some tools that make it easier to fit the Discount Outlet into your daily life.

The Smart Spending App

The Smart Spending app is available as a free download from the Apple and Android app stores. Once you’ve logged in, it makes using the Discount Outlet much easier, particularly when you’re away from home. You can use your saved payment details to buy instant vouchers, top up reloadable cards, and make online purchases.  

You can search by retailer, which is useful if you’re in a shop and you need to find out if there’s an offer in the Discount Outlet, or by product, if you’re looking for somewhere to make a purchase.

It’s particularly useful for instant vouchers, which you can purchase from the app while in store, which means you can save on things that you hadn’t planned to buy and for topping up reloadable cards while in store, which again means you don’t need to plan ahead.

The Easy Saver Card

Umbrella Company

The Easy Saver card is a reloadable card that allows you to save 7% on all purchases in store at over 50 high-street retailers, with over 20,000 high street stores. It works in the same way as other reloadable cards; you load credit onto it at a discount, and spend that credit in store as if it were money.

The 7% discount means that £100 of credit will cost you £93. Because the Easy Saver Card can be used at so many different shops, it’s arguably more convenient than using a reloadable card for a single retailer.

Auto top-up for reloadable cards

Most people tend to buy their groceries in one or two supermarkets, and the majority of UK supermarkets offer reloadable cards in the Discount Outlet. A small percentage off your groceries will add up to a significant saving over time, so it’s well worth using a card for your retailer of choice.

The average UK household spends £3224 on groceries each year. At the time of writing, that means average savings of:

Asda and Tesco, discount 4% = £128.96 saving

Sainsbury’s and Waitrose, discount 5% = £161.20 saving

M&S and Iceland, discount 7% = £225.68 saving

Auto top-ups make reloadable cards much more convenient to use, and we’ve found that we’re more likely to remember to use them when we know we’re automatically paying money onto them each month.

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