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Consultants FAQs About Umbrella Company Employment

Umbrella Company

Here are the most frequently asked questions we received from recruitment consultants about umbrella company employment in January 2021, with answers from our experts: 

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Why are my contractors better off Umbrella and not PAYE? 

There are numerous benefits for contractors using Umbrella. They include continuity of employment, weekly pay, and statutory employment rights. These rights include paid holiday, sick pay, maternity/paternity pay and autoenrollment into a workplace pension. Depending on the specific umbrella they might also receive additional benefits - for example Orange Genie employees have access to a wide range of free benefits and services through our employee benefits platform, Orange Genie Edge.

Why do my contractors see two lots of NI on their payslip? What is employers NI? 

Employers NI is a tax that the umbrella company is required to pay as the contractor’s employer, based on 13.8% of the contractor's pay. The assignment rate paid to umbrella companies is usually uplifted to include the umbrella’s costs, including employer’s NI, and is taken into account when calculating the contractor's employment income.

Can my contractors claim expenses using an umbrella company?

In 2016 the rules around expenses changed, and expenses claims through umbrella companies are now extremely limited. Only contractors who are not subject to supervision, direction and control are able to claim travel and subsistence expenses. We have a robust process in place to protect your contractors, and ensure they only claim these expenses when they are eligible to do so.

What are the differences between OG and other umbrella companies? 

Every week Orange Genie payroll over 7000 contractors. We offer compliant Umbrella services to Professional, Healthcare, Education and Construction sectors. When working with us, you can expect nothing less than a great service!

We also help you with retention through our free benefits platform, which gives your contractors access to benefits and services designed to help them make their money go further, care for themselves and their families and get more out of contracting.

Do contractors use the Edge portal? Which benefits are most popular?

We receive great feedback on our rewards platform, and usage figures indicate that all the benefits and services are being used and are making a difference to contractors. The Discount Outlet, which helps your contractors save money, and Personal Doctor, which gives them 24 hour access to GP services are most popular. 

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