Can I bring my cat? What Relocation Expenses Can Overseas Trained Teachers Claim?

Overseas Trained teachers

If you’re recruiting overseas trained teachers, it’s worth remembering that certain expenses connected with their relocation could be reimbursed tax free. For obvious reasons it’s important to advise them correctly; here we’ll explain what your teachers could claim for, and how their expenses will work, so you can set their expectations.  

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How do relocation expenses work?

If a teacher’s taxable pay would have been £500 yet they had £200 in relocation expenses to claim, £200 would be reimbursed as tax free expenses and the remaining £300 would be paid as taxable pay.

If the value of an expenses claim is high, they might be reimbursed over more than one payment. Each teacher can claim a maximum of £8,000 for relocation.

When do overseas trained teachers qualify for relocation expenses?

Relocation costs may be claimed when someone has to move a “reasonable distance” in order to begin employment. Obviously, this will include most overseas trained teachers who come to work in the UK. Costs must be incurred after the teacher has accepted our offer of employment. Please advise your teachers to contact us before incurring any of these costs. The teacher should also keep all original receipts to support their claim.

Moving costs

These are the costs of travel from the teacher’s existing place of residence to the new location. For overseas trained teachers this will include flights, visas, biometric residence permits, any excess luggage costs and transport from the airport to their accommodation in the UK.

Temporary accommodation

This includes accommodation costs incurred immediately before or after the teacher travels, for example a hotel stay the night before an early morning flight. It does not include renting a normal residence after they’ve moved to the UK.

Immigration Health Surcharge

This is a cost that your teachers may have to pay when they apply for their visa, depending on their circumstances.

Other costs

There’s a wide range of other costs that could potentially be incurred while relocating, so if your teachers are unsure if they could claim for something please direct them to check with us before incurring an expense. Examples include storage, buying certain goods for the new home, and relocation of pets, so surprising as it is, your teacher could bring their cat.

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