Can a Contractor Accountant Can Help Recruitment Agencies Retain Candidates??


As competition for key skills increases, our recruiter partners often find that retention gets more challenging. The average contractor is more aware than ever of the value of their skills, and many are proving willing to abandon projects if moving on gets them a better deal.

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Where contractors become more expensive and clients remain intolerant of increased costs, inevitably recruiters find their margins being squeezed, but there is a solution.

The secret is to realise that retention isn’t necessarily just about pay rates and it’s much easier to retain contractors when they feel that they’re valued and well treated. So how can a contractor accountant help you achieve that?

Adding value with additional benefits

The basic principle is well known - additional benefits can be used to increase the perceived value that you’re offering, making it less likely that your contractors will look elsewhere. Choose the right benefits and the value you add could be considerably more than the cost.

But this is where benefits programs often fall short of their potential; they’re used as sales aids, and are never considered as anything more. The arrangement remains a transaction, and the added value can be easily expressed in monetary terms. As long as this is the case, the contractor will still compare engagements in terms of how much they get paid, and competition for their skills will be just as fierce and expensive as it always was.

How Orange Genie’s benefits and rewards are different

Once you understand why so many commercial benefits programs fall short, it’s easy to see why Orange Genie’s platform has been so successful. It’s difficult to put a price on the instant GP appointment that saved you days of worry, the lifestyle tools that helped you get your fitness back, the expert who helped you access care for a loved one, or the counselling service that was there in your hour of need. It’s these services, where the benefit to the end user can’t be added up in pounds and pence, that make the biggest difference to engagement and retention.

Contractor wellbeing feeds back into their work too, which means that by looking after your contractors, we’re improving things for your clients as well.

Using this principle, we’ve had enormous success helping our recruiter partners improve engagement and retention amongst umbrella contractors, and now we’re extending this to include limited company contractors as well, and all at absolutely no cost to the recruiter.

How this helps recruiters

This adds up to workers who are getting the most out of contracting, content with their working lives, and with how they’re rewarded for their work. And when your contractors are happy, it gets a lot easier to retain the key skills your clients need.

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