Campaign to improve the method of temporary working’s image

Contractors and Freelancers often embark in temporary employment in search of a more flexible career however, they are often faced with rigid rules and not being accepted as a normal form of employment. The Recruitment & Employment Confederation (REC) are now campaigning to improve the method of working’s image by emphasizing the attractions.

According to the REC 36% of the population have, at some point been either a temporary worker, contractor or freelancer in their working career. Kevin Green, REC Chief Executive, said “Working as a contractor, freelancer or agency worker is a choice for many people, and flexibility is a key reason they opt for it.

Sometimes temporary work is looked down on as a second rate or a dead-end career choice. But if you talk to people who work this way, they value being able to fit work around family commitments, can earn more, or are using temporary assignments to pick up specific skills and experience they couldn’t get elsewhere”

Temporary workers are sometimes faced with certain obstacles such as mortgage companies having stricter lending criteria’s, this has inspired the REC to call to improve the acceptance of temporary work.

Mr Green also stated; “The government must simplify the tax system to ensure temporary workers are not caught out by the complex rules and should also require banks to be more accommodating of applications for mortgages from these customers so people aren’t disadvantaged by working flexibly”

Here at Orange Genie, we recognise the value of a flexible workforce and are committed, in everything we do, to enhancing the lives of professional contractors from all works of life.

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