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Be aware of potentially fraudulent communications requesting payment.

Fraudulent communications - keep your eyes peeled 

A newly formed company and client of Orange Genie Accountancy recently received a letter requesting a payment of £140 to enable their inclusion on the National Register of Companies. As a client of ours, and one where we had undertaken the formation, the letter began to ring alarm bells.

This is not the first such letter our clients have received and directors should be wary. The content of these letters is often poorly written and to the professional eye, give cause for concern over their legitimacy. For a new director, they may easily misled and incur unnecessary expense.

Directors receiving such letters, requesting additional payments in relation to the registration of their companies, should not make any payments before checking with their accountant.

The key giveaways in these letters are:-

  • Design flaws – distorted or irregularly sized logos
  • Poor grammar
  • Misspellings
  • Unexpected requests (asking for payment)
  • Sense of urgency (to receive payment)
  • Communication gaps – i.e. have they left a telephone number or email address for you to get in contact?
  • Deceptive web links – if there is a web link included in the letter it is advisable not to visit the site

When any company is formed, a legitimate formation agent will ensure that all the correct and legally required entries are made at Companies House on the Register of Companies. There should be no additional charges for any further registrations.

So in the case of a company formed through Orange Genie Accountancy, our £50 plus vat formation fee covers all filing of relevant documents at Companies House and registration with HMRC.

If you have any concerns regarding this please do not hesitate to get in touch.

Email: accountancy@orangegenie.com or call:  01296 468 185

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