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5 Things Every Recruiter Should Expect from an Umbrella Company

Umbrella company

Partnering with the wrong umbrella company could be disastrous for your recruitment business, and we’re not just talking about non-compliant companies. Many key skills are in short supply, and recruiters stand or fall on their ability to attract and retain high quality workers while controlling cost and risk. If your umbrella company isn’t helping you meet the challenge it might be time for a change.

As far as we’re concerned, the management of contingent workers is about more than paying correctly or giving workers their legal rights; that’s the minimum required, not an ideal to shoot for.

So, what could your provider be doing for you?

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Adding value without increasing cost

Skilled contingent workers are well aware of their economic power, which gives you two options. You can either pay more than your competitors, which means either charging your clients more or reducing your margins, or you can give workers a reason to choose you that doesn’t centre on their pay rate. That’s where your choice of provider comes in.

Orange Genie are experts at managing people, not just payroll. Of course we get the basics right, and that is rarer than it should be, but we also look after your workers so they feel valued in ways that go far beyond how much they get paid. From the way they’re treated, to the additional benefits we offer our employees, your partnership with Orange Genie will transform the worker’s experience. This in turn makes them more likely to work with you, to stay for longer and recommend you to their colleagues, even if they could be earning slightly more elsewhere.

Keeping your workers happy, satisfied and working

Satisfied workers generally do a better job, take fewer days off, stay with you for longer and create less work for your staff, so obviously you want each worker to get as much as possible out of their contracting career. Our Discounts Outlet and lifestyle tools help our employees to get more out of life and improve their health and wellbeing. At the same time, benefits like 24/7 access to a GP and expert help accessing specialist care reduce the number of days lost to sickness by getting your workers back on site faster and for longer.  

All of this makes it clear to your workers that their contribution is important and valued, that you think they’re worth the extra effort and best of all, it comes at no cost to you or the worker.  

Streamlining your business in a way that “just works”

Being able to concentrate on your core business, without the distraction and expense of managing workers can be a huge competitive advantage but only if you can trust your provider. It makes no sense to outsource the management of workers if you then have to manage the company you’re outsourcing to.

Partnering with Orange Genie not only means you won’t have to employ and pay all your workers in house, which takes a host of complex and technical tasks out of your hands and off your wage-bill, it also means your workers will be employed by an experienced, specialist employer. We have the necessary expertise and infrastructure to get the job done properly and deal with any issues before your staff have to get involved. This allows you to spend time and resources doing what you do best – recruitment.

Reducing your risks

We all know that engaging with non-compliant companies can be very damaging, but we find it incredible that so many providers believe that simply demonstrating compliance is a selling point. Of course you’ll only work with FCSA Accredited Members, because it’s the best way to protect your business, but “doing things the right way” is the minimum you should expect of your providers.

As industry compliance experts, we can help you create robust, flexible processes to ensure compliance and reduce your risks without disrupting operations. We’ll help you train your staff, and we’ll provide ongoing support and advice. Perhaps more importantly, we’ll help you prepare for future legislative changes and manage implementation as you adapt and adjust.

Supporting your growth and development

What does all this add up to? A more prominent, more secure place in the commercial landscape, where workers see your company as their trusted advisor and clients enjoy more success when they hire your workers. Happier workers, happier clients, reductions in both cost and risk … you can see where we’re going. And as you grow you’ll need providers who can manage your scaled-up requirements, experts who can assist you with new challenges, partners who can help you protect what you’re building.  With many years’ experience managing and employing workers, a proven track record adapting to industry changes and a well-deserved reputation for excellence in both operations and service, we’re well placed to support and help you continue your success.

Do you still think you’re getting everything you need from your umbrella company?


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