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The 5 Principles of Investment for Contractors | Contractor Wealth


If anything could indicate the benefits of a nice little savings pot, 2020 was probably the best indicator contractors could’ve asked for. Investments function not only as a safety net but can provide a rewarding return, a healthy portfolio to leave the kids and a financial security beyond that of your salary or income.

Whether you’re talking about a Cash ISA for rainy days or something bulkier, there’s some things you should bear in mind when you’re thinking about investing.

5 Principles of Investment for Contractors

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No two contractors or freelancers are the same, so a one-size-fits-all approach to your finances isn’t going to meet your needs – there’s no substitute to a plan that’s tailored to you and your needs.

Invest as Soon as You

It sounds cliched but it’s never too soon to start investing, the earlier in life you make a financial plan the more potential rewards you will reap out of it across your lifetime. Particularly when it comes to something like your pension.

Plan, Plan & Plan

Like starting out of a road trip, just having an idea of where you want to end up doesn’t always work, especially if you don’t know the terrain. Making a solid financial plan and sticking to it can help you achieve your goals.

There are different types of savings and investment accounts you can access which is why outlining goals and investment plan is a good idea – to give you an overview of some of the options available to you, there are:

  • Cash ISAs

These, simply put, are savings accounts where there is no tax on interest. They generally do not offer much capital growth opportunity and are suited to cautious investors.

  • Stocks and Shares ISA

This type of ISA provides the opportunity to invest in stock market shares within a tax efficient environment. The investments can be tailored to the individual’s appetite for investment risk.

  • Lifetime ISA (LISA)

Available to those aged between 18 and 50, Lifetime ISAs come with a government boost on annual contributions of up to £4,000 by 25%, resulting in an annual contribution of £5,000; additional contributions will be possible over this, but will not attract the government bonus.

The funds built up within the LISA accounts will only be able to be withdrawn if the proceeds will be used to purchase a first home or at the point of retirement.

You can find out more about the ISA allowance on the government website here.

Cash Isn’t Always King

It’s fair to say that as a general rule of thumb, lower risk usually leads to lower returns. Particularly in times on uncertainty it can be tempting to put all of your investments into the safety of cash however, longer term investment plans usually require the support of other asset classes in order to bolster returns.

Stay Invested

When there is uncertainty it is tempting to withdraw your investments in an attempt to minimise your losses – the lesson here is that you cannot predict the market and it’s movements perfectly. Make a plan and stick to it.

Yay or Nay: Investing in Property?

Buy-To-Let mortgages, though often more expensive than regular mortgages, can be an excellent opportunity for contractors to boost their income.

The Benefits of a Buy-To-Let Property?

  • Generate an income
  • Take advantage of the growing popularity of ‘Staycations’
  • Grow or start your investment portfolio

It’s natural to have questions when considering an investment like Buy-To-Let, some key questions to ask yourself when thinking about opportunities like this are:

  • Where would you want to Buy-To-Let in the UK?
  • Is standard renting something that interests you or would a holiday rental/Airbnb property be of more interest?
  • As the housing market fluctuates, investors should be aware that property value can decrease

You can find out more in CMME’s free Buy-To-Let guide

In Summary:

As the tax year end approaches, it’s recommended that you start to think about how you want to optimise your investments, savings and pension potential in 2021. It’s also worth thinking about the changes to IR35 coming, now may be the opportune time to make sure your money is working hard so you don’t have to.

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