2.1 Million Reasons why UK Schools Need Supply Teachers

The Department of Education has released their annual School Workforce Report for 2016, which provides detailed analysis of the size, demographics and deployment of teachers in England.

The report shows that 2.16 million teaching days were lost due to teacher sickness in the last academic year, while more than half of all teachers had at least one period of sickness.

The report also confirms that the teaching workforce included 12.8 thousand “occasional teachers” on contracts of less than one month, and 3,280 full-time posts were being temporarily filled by a teacher on a contract of less than one year.

These figures underline the importance of supply teachers and agencies in ensuring schools can operate effectively and maintain the quality of education in today’s challenging landscape.

Key Salient points from the 2015-16 report include:

  • The total school work force in state funded schools in England comprised of 48% teachers, 28% teaching assistants, and 24% non-class based.
  • Secondary school population rose for the first time since 2005. This increase is projected to continue until it peaks at 3.04 million children in 2020.
  • 42,830 full time teachers left the profession. 

A summary of the results provided by the Department of Education can be found on the link below.

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