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Umbrella company

Partnering with the wrong umbrella company could be disastrous for your recruitment business, and we’re not just talking about non-compliant companies. Many key skills are in short supply, and recruiters stand or fall on their ability to attract and retain high quality workers while controlling cost and risk. If your umbrella company isn’t helping you meet the challenge it might be time for a change.

Construction industry

In October 2019, the way VAT is collected in the construction industry will undergo a major change, as the Domestic Reverse VAT Charge for Construction Services is implemented.

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Construction workers

These are uncertain times for the whole of the UK economy, but the construction industry finds itself in a more vulnerable position than most and many commentators are predicting a shortage of skilled construction workers will begin to bite in the near future. This will obviously present some challenges for recruiters who serve the construction industry.

Supply Teacher

When we ask supply-teacher recruiters about their key challenges, retention of supply teachers always comes up. Demand for supply services is high and set to rise, and supply teacher pay rates are a contentious issue at best. So how can you, as a recruiter, compete for in-demand supply teachers when you can’t pay any more than your competitors?

Supply Teachers

According to the 2019 School census results which were published in July, the number of pupils in UK schools has increased across the board, though it’s risen faster in secondary schools than in primary. The number of pupils in secondary schools is expected to increase further in the coming years.