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In the course of running your business, you might occasionally pick up costs that benefit other people, whether that means sponsoring a local sports team, entertaining a client or treating your staff with a small gift. In this guide we’ll examine the tax treatment of these expenses.


There is something about giving gifts and helping others that makes us feel good and if you can do that and save tax at the same time all the better!

Saving for a rainy day and retirement is important, but you probably would rather your family benefit from your hard earned savings rather than the tax man so why not consider giving regular small gifts to reduce the potential for a future Inheritance Tax Liability,


On 8th August 2018, we launched Orange Genie Edge, our amazing benefits platform.

When we created Orange Genie Edge, we set out to make a real difference to contractors’ lives. Our popular discounts and offers are still an important part of that, which is why we’ve improved them, with average projected savings of £1,200 a year, but that wasn’t enough.


As a recruiter in the construction industry, it’s important to look out for your contingent workers. Skilled and reliable people can be difficult to source, and if they’re not looked after they can be equally difficult to retain. Outsourcing the management of contingent workers to Orange Genie Construction obviously makes sense for recruiters, but is it a good move for the worker as well?

Supply Teachers

According to figures released by the Department of Education, over 2 million academic days were lost due to teacher sickness during the academic year 2016/17. The same document confirms that 55% of teachers in schools had to take time off due to illness.

We know, those numbers are huge, but there is no cause for panic. Despite it’s well documented staffing shortfall, our education system did not melt down last year. What these figures do show us is the continued importance of teaching agencies and their candidates in supporting UK schools and allowing them to keep running.