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From April 2021, most contractors who trade through their own limited company will lose the right to determine their own IR35 status. This responsibility will pass instead to their end client, who may or may not understand what’s being asked of them, and may or may not be willing to invest the necessary time and resources in doing it correctly. While industry experts continue in their efforts to educate and prepare as many end clients as possible, what can you do to protect yourself if you know for certain you’re outside IR35?

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A study by economists at the universities of Oxford, Cambridge and Zurich suggests that 63% of furloughed people have spent some time working for the employer that furloughed them. Even where they were not formally asked to work, this leaves those employers ineligible to claim the Coronavirus Job Retention Scheme (CJRS). The implication is that thousands of employers have claimed CJRS grants to which they were not entitled, and HMRC will be actively pursuing such cases in the near future.

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In these difficult and uncertain times, it’s more important than ever to take care of yourself and as a responsible umbrella company we’re determined to help our employees to do that in any way we can. Through Orange Genie Edge, we provide a large range of benefits and services to our umbrella company employees. This article focuses on those services that will help you to take care of yourself and your family.

Umbrella Company

When your contractors are employed by an umbrella company, they benefit from full employment rights, and if they choose the umbrella company well they may also receive a host of other benefits. Obviously, you want your contractors to be happy and well looked after, and this is enough for many recruiters to recommend a good umbrella company, but is there anything in it for you?


The right to substitution is often thought of as a “magic bullet” that kills off the idea of personal service, meaning that a contractor will automatically fall outside IR35. The truth is, predictably, far more complex and in this article we’ll examine the right to substitution in detail, and explain when it is indeed likely to shoot down personal service, and when it isn’t.