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The draft legislation on Private-Sector IR35 reform has now been published, and while many are disappointed at the news that there will be no delay and no U-turn, it does at least bring an end to some of the uncertainty and allow everyone to get on with the urgent preparations that need to be made.

Payment on account

It’s that time of year again, and if you have to make payment on account the 31st of July is the deadline for your second payment. For most contractors, this will match the payment they already made at the end of January, based on 50% of last year’s tax bill.

A Contractor's Guide to Self-Assessment: Click here to download>>

Director's loan

Whether you’re planning to borrow money from your Limited company, or you’ve unintentionally drawn a little extra, if director’s loans are handled incorrectly, they can cost you dearly in extra tax. In this article we’ll explain what contractors need to know so you can avoid this.

A Contractor's Guide to Director's Loans: Click here to download>>

Tax return

One thing most contractors have in common is that they have a great many demands on their time, so when we say you should be spending this valuable commodity on filing your tax return, it might seem like a lot to ask, given that we’re still months away from the deadline. However, we know from experience that contractors who submit their return early have an easier time and it really is in your best interests to get it done now. Here are the six most important reasons why.


Switching Accountant? Learn from Rob's Experience of Changing Accountant

Rob has provided specialist services to the television and film industry for many years but until 2014 he did not take specialist advice himself!