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As a contractor you will, at some point, experience variations in your income. This could mean getting a different pay rate on successive assignments, a client being late paying an invoice, or it could involve an unexpected period of downtime between contracts. This can create financial pressure, even though most contractors earn more than traditional employees.

Supply Teaching

It’s never been more important for supply teaching agencies to ensure that any umbrella company they work with is compliant. Non-compliant umbrella companies present a whole series of risks for you and your teachers, from unexpected tax bills, to prosecution, financial penalties and reputational damage. It should be clear to everyone that it’s important to ensure compliance in your supply chain.

Supply Teacher Pension

Pensions Auto-Enrolment has been with us since 2012, and anyone who employs supply teachers will be aware of it and will either be running a supply teacher pension scheme or outsourcing to a pension provider. That doesn’t mean everyone is having an easy time, though, and one survey has suggested that 65% of agencies are having a “total nightmare” with auto-enrolment.


Between the potential extension of unpopular legislation and sweeping political and economic change, certainty is a rare commodity in the contracting world at the moment. This backdrop can make the daily challenges of life as a contractor seem more difficult than they normally would. You might even catch yourself, in dark moments when you’re alone with your thoughts, considering a permanent role.


You’ve been offered a permanent role on a salary you think is too good to be true…what do you do? Well for many, the lure of the apparent big salary is not enough to make them turn their back on their established brand, the autonomy and freedom they have enjoyed as a contractor. But if you find yourself considering this option there are a few financial implications to consider…