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VAT payment holidays have formed an important part of the Government’s support package for businesses during the Coronavirus crisis, providing a short-term solution for companies experiencing cash flow problems due to the virus. The VAT payment holiday window closes on 30th June, and businesses need to pay VAT on the normal due dates from 1st July.

Private Sector IR35 reform is due to take place in April 2021, and many end clients are intending to rely on HMRC’s CEST tool to help them complete IR35 assessments. One reason for this is that HMRC have repeatedly promised to stand by the results of CEST.

As HMRC’s chief executive, Jim Harra, stated during an evidence session to the House of Commons Accounts Committee, any scheme which pays out as much money as the Coronavirus Job Retention Scheme (CJRS) can be expected to act as a “magnet for fraudsters”. In other words, HMRC are expecting the CJRS to be the target of fraud, and fully intend to use their powers to investigate and tackle abuse.


All the recruiters we’ve spoken to during the Covid-19 lockdown have been eagerly awaiting a return to work, both for themselves and for their contractors and clients. There are some obvious health and safety concerns which need to be considered, and in order to facilitate a swift return to something like “business as usual” it’s important that recruiters are able to advise their clients and contractors to help them move forward.

Limited Company

If you’re one of the many thousands of limited company contractors who have made use of the coronavirus job retention (CJRS) while you’ve been unable to work due to the coronavirus outbreak, you’ll need to know about some upcoming changes. In this article we’re concentrating on the changes that take effect in July. More changes have been announced for August, September and October.