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About Advantage xPO

Advantage xPO are the workforce solutions division of Advantage Resourcing, who are one of the largest staffing firms in the world. They employ more than 150,000 contract professionals for more than 4,600 clients worldwide. 

Umbrella company

Partnering with the wrong umbrella company could be disastrous for your recruitment business, and we’re not just talking about non-compliant companies. Many key skills are in short supply, and recruiters stand or fall on their ability to attract and retain high quality workers while controlling cost and risk. If your umbrella company isn’t helping you meet the challenge it might be time for a change.


For the right people with the right skills, contracting offers great rewards, including the freedom to choose when and where you work, the opportunity to earn more money and the challenge of carving your own place in the commercial landscape. We support thousands of contractors who have left traditional employment behind, taken control of their working lives and changed their world for the better.


In the course of running your business, you might occasionally pick up costs that benefit other people, whether that means sponsoring a local sports team, entertaining a client or treating your staff with a small gift. In this guide we’ll examine the tax treatment of these expenses.


There is something about giving gifts and helping others that makes us feel good and if you can do that and save tax at the same time all the better!

Saving for a rainy day and retirement is important, but you probably would rather your family benefit from your hard earned savings rather than the tax man so why not consider giving regular small gifts to reduce the potential for a future Inheritance Tax Liability,