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Umbrella Company

Even if you’ve been contracting for a while, it’s worth checking that you’re still operating in the best way for you. After all, things change and you might make a different choice based on your current circumstances. In terms of how you operate as a contractor, you’re likely to have three options, agency PAYE, an umbrella company or running your own limited company. In this article we’ll look at all three, so you can check that you’re using the right one.


If the public-sector IR35 reform has taught us anything, it’s that IR35 assessments are complex, time consuming and difficult to get right. Private-sector reform is on the way and HMRC and others are talking as if “role based” assessments are a viable solution, so could blanket decisions be the way to go?

Employment Legislation

Keeping track of employment legislation has always been a challenge, and let’s face it, most recruiters have other things to think about. That’s why it’s so important to partner with compliance experts who can help you anticipate and prepare for upcoming changes. Here are just a few of the changes we can expect in the coming year.

Supply Teachers

Additional benefits and rewards are a great way to engage your supply teachers and make them feel valued. This in turn makes it easier for you to recruit and retain the best supply teachers, but only if the benefits on offer are the right ones.

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Disguised Remuneration

With the approaching implementation of the 2019 loan charge causing so much noise and trouble, you might think this is the worst possible moment to be in the disguised remuneration business. And with thousands of apparently blameless contractors facing financial ruin because they listened to the wrong advice, you’d think those who sold that advice would be lying low, but you’d be wrong.