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If you’re a recruiter engaging CIS contractors, it’s likely that you’ll see this question on a regular basis. Your contractors don’t want to incur unnecessary costs, but at the same time they need to ensure they have appropriate cover. Insurance is a cost that your contractors will need to plan for, and it’s important that they get the right advice. So, do CIS contractors need to purchase insurance, and if so, what do they need it for?

Umbrella Company

IR35 reform has been with us since April 2021 and this has caused some contractors to move into umbrella company employment.  As a result, many are seeing employer’s national insurance in their pay calculations for the first time. Since April 2021 we have received an increased number of questions about employer’s NI from our agency partners, so in this article we’re going to clear up some of the more common ones.


If you’re a recruitment consultant, you obviously don’t need to be an expert on IR35, but you do need to understand it in enough detail to explain the broad strokes and answer common questions about it. Whenever we raise this topic with recruiters, it’s rare that anyone can explain IR35 in detail, which means those recruiters who can have a real advantage as trusted experts for both clients and contractors. In this article we’ll explain what recruiters need to know.  

Since Private-sector IR35 took effect in April 2021, large numbers of contractors have entered employment with an umbrella company for the first time. As a result, recruiters are receiving an increased number of questions about umbrella company employment, so in this article we’ll tackle some of the more common queries.

Umbrella Company

The Government has announced their plan for a new Health and Social Care Levy, to raise additional money for the NHS and Social care in the aftermath of the pandemic. So, what will the new levy look like and how will it affect umbrella company employees?

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