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Orange Genie Umbrella renew their membership with the Freelancer and Contractor Services Association (FCSA)

Orange Genie Umbrella has successfully met the demanding independent standards of the FCSA for a second year running.

Orange Genie Umbrella, a professional employment organisation, is delighted to announce they have passed yet another vigorous review set by FCSA.

Contractor Loans Settlement Opportunity 

HM Revenue and Customs (HMRC) have announced today they are giving around 16,000 tax avoidance scheme users the opportunity to pay the tax they owe or risk facing bigger tax bills and heavy legal costs.

On average, each of the users of the contractor loan schemes covered by this settlement opportunity owes £11,000 a year in tax.

2014 has so far seen thousands of consumers fall victim to a copycat tax return website that masquerades as a legitimate government destination resulting in the users paying needless fees.

Official government services can, of course, be found by searching on the website. The lookalike website, were careful to replicate the real thing ( 
Once visitors hit the website they were fooled into thinking it was the official site due to it sporting the same colours and key words, such as gateway. The site also enticed taxpayers by appearing at the top of internet searches when people tried to find the official site, this was because it paid Google and other search engines to advertise it ahead of the Revenue site. 

With the impending deadline for renewing tax credit claims coming up HM Revenue and Customs (HMRC) have revealed a top 10 list of lame excuses made by people who didn’t renew their tax credit claims on time.

Apparently over 650,000 of claimants failed to renew on time last year, & 1.5 million still need to renew their claims this year. Claimants are reminded they have until 31st July to renew, or their payments could potentially end.

The list of excuses revealed comprise of;

Last week, Orange Genie Education drew their attention to promoting a competition to win an autumn weekend away in the Lake District.

Orange Genie Education work closely with an independent website called The Supply Teacher. (Dedicated to supporting Supply Teachers)

They have collaborated with Tweenways to offer one lucky winner the chance to win a weekend away at a delightful little self-catering apartment in Ambleside: heart of the Lakes. (For two adults)