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On the surface, it may appear strange that an umbrella company would offer health and fitness advice. However, our Fitness and Wellbeing service is extremely popular, so it’s clear that our contractor employees have a genuine need for this kind of help. That’s why we decided to write this article, explaining our two main lifestyle-focused services, Your Health, and Fitness and Wellbeing.  

Orange Genie

Cycling 2,149 miles in 23 days. Say it quickly, and it doesn’t’ sound so hard, and besides, hundreds of people complete the Tour de France every year, so it can’t be that difficult, right?

But those people are professional athletes. They’ve been training for years, it’s the pinnacle of their careers and they have an army of support staff behind them!

So, what has possessed the otherwise brilliant and mostly sane staff here at Orange Genie to take on this challenge, to cover the distance of the Tour de France at the same time as the actual race is taking place?


Life has a way of throwing the unexpected at you, and any of us can be caught unawares. In some regards, contractors are more vulnerable than most, as they don’t have an employer with legal obligations, or colleagues to support them through life-changing events. Seen from another angle, though, this vulnerability can be a strength, as it forces contractors to take responsibility for protecting themselves, which can leave them better equipped to deal with whatever life throws at them.


Good money management is an essential part of running a business, and this is just as true for contractors as it is for anyone else. Keeping track of your cash flow and making the most of your income are universal concerns. With that in mind, here are our nine top tips to help contractors manage their money.  

Supply Teachers

Safeguarding presents some unique challenges for supply teachers. They’re unfamiliar with the students and the school, and as a consequence they don’t have the background information that a permanent teacher would have. They wouldn’t, for example, expect to notice a change in a student’s behaviour.