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Personal Brand

“Creating your personal brand” is included in many lists of things a contractor needs to do in order to successfully market themselves, but what is a personal brand, and how will having one help you secure your next contract?

How a Contractor CV differs from a permanent job seekers CV? Click here to find out more >>

Contractor Insurance

Contractor insurance experts Kingsbridge give us the benefit of their experience

Insurance is one of those things in life that we don’t realise we need until it’s too late. Here at Kingsbridge we’ve lost count of the number of times we’ve spoken to a customer who put off purchasing cover, or didn’t renew an existing policy, only to find themselves in a situation where a claim was being made against them.

Tax avoidance

We understand why contractors are tempted by tax avoidance schemes. IR35 chaos in the public sector has caused many contractors to lose an extra chunk of their pay to the tax man, and it’s understandable that many of them have searched for a solution. In any case, who wants to pay more tax than they need to? If there’s a legitimate way to shrink your tax bill, why wouldn’t you use it?

IR35 Review

IR35 reviews, what are they good for? Why do you need one? Well, the first thing to realise is the importance of getting your IR35 status right.


It’s impossible to have missed the news streams full of commentary around Facebook’s apparent data breach and the provision of thousands of individual’s personal data records to Cambridge Analytica. As Mark Zuckerberg continues to face some harsh questioning now seems like a good time to tell you about GDPR!

You may be aware that GDPR or The General Data Protection Regulation is due to take force from May 25th 2018 but how does this affect you?