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Supply Teachers

Supply Teachers often go abroad for the Easter holidays, and even those who don’t will be looking forward to a well-earned break. As a recruiter, you’ll want your teachers to enjoy their time off, so they come back rested and refreshed. Here’s how we can help your supply teachers make the most of the Easter holidays.


Speak to any compliance expert about private-sector IR35 reform, and they’ll tell you to take action right now. The publication of the second consultation document solidifies some of the detail, but does not diminish this need for urgent action. So, now we know a little more, what should you do to protect your recruitment business and your clients?


On 5th March, the government published the second consultation on the extension of IR35 reform into the private sector. The consultation asks for views and information on the impact on non-corporate engagers, information requirements and addressing status determination disagreements. The government is very clear that no alternative solutions will be considered; in other words, the reform will go ahead in April 2020.

As a contractor running a Limited company there is no escaping the need to maintain clear books and records. With the risk of sporadic work and gaps in contracts it’s vitally important that contractors are fully aware of their current and future financial situations.

With initiatives such as Making Tax Digital, it is necessary that companies maintain their records on line. In a world where we expect answers quickly and everything to be real time that record keeping software needs to be accessible 24/7 anywhere.

Contractor Mortgages

Contracting has become more mainstream in recent years, and while some mortgage lenders have yet to catch up, the world of contractor mortgages is less problematic than it used to be, as long as you know how to approach it. Here are the answers to some of the most common questions we receive about contractor mortgages.

Contractor Mortgages - What You Need to Know: Click here to download