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If you’re new to contracting you may have been offered a choice between umbrella employment, and being paid directly by your agency. It should be a straightforward choice but there are some details that are often misunderstood. In this guide we’ll lay out how the supply chain works, so you’ll better understand what you’re choosing between.

As comforting as it may be to see the fruits of your labour generating large cash reserves in your company, is this a wise move?  Do you have a plan as to what you want to do with the funds? Are your savings actually costing you money?

A Contractor's Guide to Opening and Running Your Limited Company: Click here to download>> 

Here we look at the top online resources for supply teachers. Whether you’re struggling with an emergency lesson plan, on the hunt for fresh ideas or in need of support and advice from your fellow teachers, you’ll find a resource here to help.

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So, you’re killing it as a contractor. You’re working hard, impressing your clients, building up your business. Your ever-growing network of contacts is driving a steady stream of work your way. You’re loving the flexibility, the variety, the improved earning power. It’s the best move you ever made, and yet there’s one dark cloud on the horizon, one belligerent wasp at your barbeque.

You have to do your accounts.  They’re complex and time consuming, and even minor errors can be expensive.

The recruitment industry has been talking about disguised remuneration schemes quite a lot recently. Claims that you could take home 80-90% of your contract rate may seem attractive, but the consequences of getting involed in non-compliant schemes can be very serious.

Recent changes in legislation have made recruiters anxious about disguised remuneration schemes, and many are taking action to ensure compliance throughout their supply chains.