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Supply Teachers

There are some obvious reasons why it’s better for those working in recruitment if their supply teachers have a good general state of health. They’ll be available more often and they’ll take fewer days off, for example. But many recruiters tell us it goes much deeper than that.

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Back in July we reported on the Domestic Reverse VAT Charge for Construction Services, which will change the way VAT is collected in the construction industry, and was due to be implemented in October 2019.

In what many commentators are calling a victory for common sense, implementation has been delayed for 12 months, and will now go ahead in October 2020 instead.

Construction Recruitment

Construction recruitment has always been a challenging sector for a whole host of reasons, and the present climate is no exception. Four years on from the introduction of the Onshore Employment Intermediaries Legislation and with the UK possible just weeks away from leaving the EU, what are the major challenges and how can one rise to meet them?

Limited Company

One thing every contractor has to decide is which legal structure to use. The simplest choice is to operate as a sole trader, which is probably why there are an estimated 3.4 million sole traders operating in the UK. The limited company option is also popular, with an estimated 1.9 million operating today in the UK. So, what’s the difference between these two options, and which is better for your contracting business?


Towards the end of August, HMRC sent letters to approximately 1500 contractors who had worked for GlaxoSmithKline (GSK) during the tax year 2018/19. The letters stated:

“It is our view that the contract between your PSC and GlaxoSmithKline (GSK) comes under the off-payroll working rules ‘IR35.’”