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Usually, when we talk about determining IR35 status, being “in business on your own account” is classed as a secondary factor, meaning it’s generally seen is less important than the three primary factors, Control, Mutuality of Obligation and the right to substitution.

Umbrella Company

Umbrella company employment has important advantages for you as a recruiter and your contractors, but it’s vital to make sure everyone understands what’s happening. The rate paid to the umbrella includes their margin and costs, as well as the contractor’s pay. Occasionally, contractors misinterpret this, believing the uplifted rate is the amount that will be paid to them.

Umbrella Company

If you’ve used a student loan to fund further education, you can expect repayments to start when you join the workforce and start earning more than a certain amount. Contractors who are employed by an umbrella company will make repayments through the PAYE system, just like traditional employees. Your repayments will be based on the amount you earn, rather than the amount you owe.

Umbrella Company

Because of the way contractors work, umbrella company employees are sometimes paid more than once in a single tax period. This can make your payslips more complicated to read. In this article we’ll look in detail at the situation, so you’re prepared when and if it happens.

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Limited Company

Under normal circumstances, this is the time of year when we’d remind you about the annual event exemption, and advise you, as the director of your limited company, to think about organising a Christmas party.

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