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IR35 only applies when you’re contracting through an intermediary, like your Limited company, so it’s easy to see why some contractors might look to self-employment as a solution. Now the end client is responsible for determining your IR35 status, wouldn’t it be better to sidestep the whole issue and work as a self-employed sole trader?

Small Business

The April 2021 Autumn budget confirmed that changes to the tax year basis will come into force from April 2024. This could lead to your small business paying additional tax in the transitional year, so in this article we’re looking in detail at what’s going to happen.

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Married couples and civil partners are taxed independently, but the system does permit a degree of joint tax planning for some types of income. For example, if you and your spouse own an investment property which generates an income, you may be able to change the way this income is split between you in the name of tax efficiency.

Umbrella Company

Following the reform of IR35 in April 2021, many contractors moved from trading through their Limited companies, to employment with umbrella companies. For some, this was because their client had found their contract to be inside IR35, while for others it was because their clients were refusing to engage contractors through Limited companies. This created a significant number of umbrella company employees who would, in an ideal world, be trading through their Limited company instead.

Statutory Maternity Pay

Supply teachers often ask us about Statutory Maternity Pay (SMP), and a surprising number assume that they won’t qualify because they work in supply. In many cases, the teacher calls us to request an SMP1 form so they can claim Maternity Allowance, having discounted the possibility that we might pay SMP. Luckily for them, they’re employed by Orange Genie Education, and our expert team can make sure they get the right advice.