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Contractor Mortgage

Many self-employed contractors have horror stories about how they were treated when applying for mortgages. Most high-street lenders don’t understand how contractors work. They’re used to seeing traditional employment, and circumstances that don’t fit that mould flag up as risky.

It’s common for contractors to be told their application will take longer, and that they’ll have to pay a higher rate, because their circumstances don’t fit a high-street lender’s algorithm.

Over the last few years, the property market has been described as “jittery” because of uncertainty surrounding Brexit. So, now we’re officially outside the EU and some of that uncertainty is resolved, what can investors expect the market to look like over the coming months?


The private sector reform of the IR35 rules arrives in April 2021, which is closer than you might think. With just over 12 months to prepare, the only viable solution is to assess your risks and adjust your processes to comply with the new rules. We’d also strongly suggest engaging compliance experts to advise you and keep you on track. However, it’s possible some of your clients will favour a strategy that looks easier or cheaper. In this article we’re looking at five of the most common, and we’ll explain why they’re a bad idea.

supply teaching

One of the advantages supply teaching agencies enjoy when they partner with umbrella companies, is that they get to outsource the cost, work and risk of employing supply teachers to specialist experts.

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Limited Company

The key to a successful closure of your limited company is to make sure it is done the right way, minimising your tax bill and maximing your gains. In this guide, we’ll explain the options and help you decide which route is best for your circumstances.

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