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NHS Improvement have announced that IR35 decisions will now be made on an individual basis. This replaces their previous stance, which was that all locum, bank and agency staff were inside the scope of IR35.

On the 24th of May, IPSE - the Association of Independent Professionals and the Self Employed, released their manifesto, which they call “A Contract with the Self-Employed”. It sets out their recommendations for the encouragement and protection of the UK’s 4.8 million self-employed workers, to enable them to continue their £119 billion contribution to the national economy. We've summarised their main points below. 

If you’ve recently been researching umbrella companies online, you could be forgiven for feeling a little alarmed. Between ill-informed or self-interested news articles claiming all umbrellas are pirates, parasites or con-artists, and the outlandish promises in the “paid ad” section at the top of your Google search results, it could be tempting to simply turn and run from the circling fins. But before you rush out and buy a bigger boat, we’d like to assure you that these waters are not nearly as deadly as they may at first appear.

In the wake of the recent reform of off payroll working in the Public sector, many contractors have suddenly found themselves assessed as working inside IR35. Sound advice has led many of these contractors to cease operating through their own limited company, and opt instead for umbrella employment. For a contractor working inside IR35 this is usually the better choice, but it is a very different way of working. Below you’ll find our plain language guide to what you can expect following your switch to umbrella employment.

Good contractor accountants can be difficult to find. From our position as contractor specialists it’s often frightening to see the kind of advice contractors are given by accountants in general practice. For example, we interviewed a lady who’d been advising locum doctors about the Public sector IR35 changes. When asked what her firm had done she replied,

                “Nothing, they’re all outside the changes as they all have contracts in different hospitals with different NHS Trusts, so more than one engager.”