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Supply Teacher

We often hear from supply teachers who have struggled financially during the school holidays, but in many ways the Christmas holidays can be worse. We all know that the run-up to Christmas can be expensive and stressful. Financial problems become more urgent, family arguments more upsetting. Wonderful as the festive season can be, many people find themselves more vulnerable, both mentally and financially, at this time of year.

Supply Teaching

Demand for state secondary school places in England is at its highest since the start of the decade, it’s still increasing and the rate of increase is set to speed up. Whatever strategy is employed in response, it’s likely to add up to increased demand for supply teachers.

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The private sector reform of the IR35 rules arrives in April 2020, which is closer than you might think. With less than 18 months to prepare, the only viable solution is to assess your risks and adjust your processes to comply with the new rules. We’d also strongly suggest engaging compliance experts to advise you and keep you on track. However, it’s possible some of your clients will favour a strategy that looks easier or cheaper. In this article we’re looking at five of the most common, and we’ll explain why they’re a bad idea.

IR35 Reform

In his budget speech on 29th October, Chancellor Philip Hammond put an end to months of speculation on private-sector IR35 reform by confirming it would go ahead in April 2020. But what does this mean for you as a recruiter?

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If you’ve done any contracting work in the public sector since April 2017, you’ll be familiar with the idea of someone else determining your IR35 status. From April 2020, many private-sector contractors will experience the same situation. The decision may be taken out of your hands, but this shouldn’t leave you helpless and we’d encourage you to be actively involved in the process.