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Limited Company

In the course of running your Limited company you’re likely to incur a wide variety of business expenses that you can legitimately claim to reduce your tax bill. It’s important to claim correctly, though, and it often helps if you know the relevant rules before you incur the expense. In this article our experts have laid out some common pitfalls, so you can avoid them.


As competition for key skills increases, our recruiter partners often find that retention gets more challenging. The average contractor is more aware than ever of the value of their skills, and many are proving willing to abandon projects if moving on gets them a better deal.


IR35 is a hot topic among contractors these days. Of course, to some degree this has been the case since it was first implemented, and it hasn’t been out of the industry headlines since the Public-sector reform in 2017. Things are heating up, though, as Private-sector reform approaches, and more contractors realise their IR35 status is about to be taken out of their hands.

Supply Teachers

Uncertainty about the future can be one of the hardest things to live with, and few things are more uncertain at the moment than the UK’s future relationship with the EU. The right of EU nationals to remain in the UK is one of the points around which this uncertainty revolves, so if you engage EU – trained supply teachers you might find yourself managing some very anxious people.

supply teachers

Supply teaching is increasingly seen as a long-term career, and supply teachers want and need security and support that a temporary worker wouldn’t necessarily have cared about just a few years ago. Increasingly, retaining good quality supply teachers is about making them feel secure and valued, and the continuous employment they get from Orange Genie Education can play a large part in that.