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From Monday 9th November 2020, Companies House ceased to send out paper reminders for any statutory filing deadlines. Stopping the paper reminders will save them around £1.2million a year which they intend to invest in other products and services.

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If you’ve carefully arranged your contracting business to ensure you fall comfortably outside IR35, the reform coming in April 2021 may be making you nervous. Given that your client will be responsible for determining your IR35 status, the danger that they won’t do so correctly is large in many contractors’ minds. Those who have a choice will obviously prefer clients who can reassure them, but how can you tell if a prospective client might help you work outside IR35?


From April 2021, responsibility for determining IR35 status will be taken out of contractors’ hands, and pass to the hirer (end client). As a recruiter, this means your clients will have new responsibilities, but depending on their status determination, the changes may affect you as well. There is still confusion about how the reform affects supply chains, so in this article we’ll try to clear that up.

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As IR35 reform gets closer, you will notice more of your contractors getting worried about it. For example, you can expect to field more questions about what the client intends to do and what their process will be, particularly if you’re discussing a contract that ends after April 2021. The main concern potential candidates will have, is that they’ll be carelessly and incorrectly placed inside IR35, meaning their income will fall and working through their PSC will be less viable.